Wes Edens on Fortress Investment Group

 Wes Edens on Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is a prominent businessman and the founder of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the co-founder of Milwaukee Bucks, together with Marc Lasry. The duo decided to work together after Marc saw how Wes transformed his company and made it a household name. in a recent interview, Edens stated that he has always liked the idea of doing business and when he found an opportunity, he did not waste time. He attended Oregon University and graduated with a B.S in Finance and Business Administration. Shortly after graduation, Wes Edens was employed and managed to advance his career. in 1987, he worked at Lehman Brothers for six years before moving to other ventures. He moved to BlackRock Asset Investors, where he got the skills to manage and run his own business.

The time he spent at the company taught everything he needed to know about and helped launch his business career. While it took some time for things to pick up, they eventually did and he started his company. At Fortress Investment Group, Edens works with a group of five partners who came together after analyzing the market. Other principal partners at the company are Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Michael Edward, and Robert Kauffman. The team has managed to lift the company and make it one of the most accomplished firms in the sector. In 2007, the company was described by Wall Street Journal as one that is focused on developing business and creating investment opportunities. This was an honourable opportunity for the company to market as it received free market through an established brand.

Wes Edens worked at California Savings, and Merill Lynch, where he learned how the industry. Moreover, working in these companies was an eye opener about assets management. After managing other people’s assets, it was time for Wes Edens to create his own company. The thought of leaving employment to start his company was daunting at first, but he followed through with the plan to start. He has never regretted the decision to start Fortress Investment Group and it gives him the joy to manage other people’s assets. He is described by many as a friendly, focused, and mindful man. He loves watching political news and debates about the subject. He has made donations to various political parties and openly supported candidates he felt were the best to lead the country. Wes Edens wants to be remembered as a man who positively changed people’s lives.

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