Wengie’s Everday Wonders


There are a ton of items we come across every day that have hidden secrets we have been missing all this time! Why doesn’t the king of hearts in a deck of cards have a mustache as all the kings of the other suits have? Did you even notice that the king of hearts was sans mustache?


Whimsical Wengie has a new video just released to YouTube that demystifies 15 hidden secrets of everyday objects that no one seems to be catching. All of us have been to a movie or two in our time. One heads to the film early to find a seat so they can enjoy the trailers before the film starts. I will place a bet that the majority of Wengie subscribers never wondered why they are called “trailers” when they come BEFORE the film. A “trailer” is something that trails at the end. Begin to wonder why that is now, then wonder no more as Wengie found out that movie trailers actually DID come after the film was over. Sadly, no one stayed for the trailers after the movie ended, so they started putting them at the beginning.


From a secret hiding in the line where one signs their checks to the fact that “sugar-free mints” actually contain sugar, Wengie has incredible secrets you did not know you wanted to know!

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