Vijay Eswaran And The QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO of QI Group, and he is one of the best businessmen in the world. There are many people who will work with his business or buy from his business every day, and the company was created to help people run their own businesses while selling home products. This article explains how Vijay has grown the business, and there is a look at the way he has grown the company in Southeast Asia.

#1: The Business’ Purpose

The QI Group purpose is quite obvious in that it was made to help people run their own companies from their homes. Everyone who works with the QI Group will find that they may work on their own schedule, and they may sell as much as they like to anyone who lives in their area.

The company wants to have as many customers as possible, and they are working quite hard to grow their customer base.

#2: The Company’s Growth

Vijay has worked quite hard to help the company spread across the whole of Southeast Asia. He wants to have as many new sellers as he can find, and he knows that each person who helps the company grow becomes a much larger part of their family.

He offers quite a lot of support to his sellers, and he believes that it is important for the company to look at ways they may serve others.

#3: Giving Back

Giving back is a part of Vijay believes he must do to help his community. He knows that there are a number of people who need his assistance, and he gives to charities that will serve the people of the region. Each person who has needs may have them met by something that Vijay has given his money to in the past.

There are quite a few people who will benefit from what Vijay is doing, and he is proving that it is quite easy for someone to start their own business selling home products. They may build their customer base, and they may work on their own schedule under his leadership.

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