TMS Health Solutions: Helping Patients Rise To New Heights

TMS Health Solutions is the unified psychiatric group which is continuously involved in recovering the patients from clinical depression and mental illness.

Headquarters: San Francisco
Founders: Richard Bermudes, Brad Hummel.
Specialty: Transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS, psychiatry, mental health.

Clinical depression, being the most serious syndrome is prevailing across all the human community and it is where TMS Health Solutions play its vital and imperative role in curing the victims suffering from Depression and mental health conditions.

Mental Health Condition could be grievously painful and disengage which may make it difficult to seek help.
All the patients who are not satisfied with the standard drug surgery and are willing to get more positive result move to the treatment of TMS Therapy.

TMS Health Solutions put the supreme effort to help their inmates to fight against depression with their high tech traditional equipment’s and treatments methods providing them the ultimate and innovative therapies.

TMS Health Solutions bestow with evidence based treatments, FDA therapy for drug addicted people and most importantly with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS) therapy.

The ultimate and the only aim of TMS Health Solutions is to help the needy patients and make them able to rise up to new heights and start the new phase of their life by overcoming the depression and drug addiction.

Values at TMS Health Solutions:

1.It Fosters and supports the delicacy of excellence and requires the supreme level of the professional education, behaviors and standards from its support staff and physicians.

2.It canons all the agenda and processes intensely from A to Z go achieve the most efficient output and thus help the victims body to perform at its best.

3.TMS maintains the complete transparency among the family of the patients and medical professions for its smooth integration and functioning.

4.The staff members, doctors and physicians of TMS Health Solution work in a synergistic manner along with the ongoing education, administrative demands and flexibility which helps them to provide the patients with the individual attention and care

To put more effort in the treatment of the patients suffering from depression TMS Health Solution has expanded their clinic across Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco including three other places.The growing practice is located in north of California and are planning to open some more offices of TMS along the west coast.

Also, being more advanced, they are practicing the psychiatry in this aeon which will give rise to the new treatment possibilities and opportunities and thus will equip new ambition for the people who are suffering from mental depression and severe health conditions.

The aim and the moto with which it was started has till now met the expectation of themselves and also of their patients and is aspiring to work in similar seriousness in future.

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