The progressive essence of Thor Halvorssen

Halvorssen is a community asset; he speaks at length of human rights in various lectures as president and founder of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, pushes for positive community change through his political activism through social media, and perhaps most socially permeating of all, is an active producer of film that largely has striking social commentary.

It can be seen that Thor Halvorssen is someone who values people and their rights. The Human Rights foundation he founded has consistently fought for the rights of people to have self-determination and expression, be they from China, Latin America or anywhere else. Halvorssen has personally pushed for the release of political prisoners from various countries, as well as fought against the political ideologies that allow for these abuses to happen, from wherever they fall along the political spectrum.

Following this trend of celebration of human rights, and a relentless assault on those who would abuse them, Halvorssen is an active producer of various films that comment on the dangers that arise when society allows for tyrants of all shapes to gain power. From the documenting of suffering of migrant farm workers under the sugar barons, to future dystopian governments, Halvorssen has produced many a film with piercing commentary on the way people suffer under tyranny.

Halvorssen says it best himself: “Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression is indispensable to a free and, in the deepest sense, progressive society. Deny it to one, and you deny it effectively to all.” In this sense, it seems prudent to describe Halvorssen as a champion of human rights, and in that, a progressive in the truest form.

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  1. Halvorssen is in the position to be a seed to the community if he can replicate himself to his community it will be most important asset. I think will be important to help the person that has interest in the contribution to the work and the lives of people in other part of the world.

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