The Even Better for You Water: Waiakea Water

Waiakea spring water is naturally filtered through porous volcanic rock which leaves the water with many natural benefits to your health. Some of the minerals that can be found in Waiakea Water are magensium, calcium, potassium, sodium and silica. All of these things have been found to help you be the healthies you that you can be. Whatever your sport or passion is, this genius healthy water will help you performing at the top of your game.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 and since theen has implemented some of the most drastic and ehtical initiatives in its field. The clean water projects that they have created and accomplished have been some of the most helpful.

With the assistance of Pump Aid they have donated more than five hundred million liters of water. They have made it their mission to provide a sustainable water that is both healthy and impacts health in a good way; as well as working towards clean water access for every living person.

According to BabyBoomster, one of the biggest contributions that Waiakea water has given with the help of Pump Aid is the succesful sponsership of Elephant Pumps, These pumps are installed in villages and then the residents are taught how to work and maintain th pumps.

Every liter of Waiakea water that gets sold the company donates what would be equivalent of 650 liters of clean water through Pump Aid. It is important that even the small villages get attention and the clean water that every human being deserves, along with Pump Aid they make sure no village gets over looked because of their size.

On top of the good works that the company does with Pump Aid, they are also called one of the most sustainable and healthy water sources. The electrolyte rich water is the very first of its kind to have been certifed CarbonNeutral for it’s outstanding initiatives.

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  1. A big goal some might say, but with every botthe sold and every day that passes they get one step closer to their goal. This is to ensure that the village has access to health, safe and clean water. It definitely means that can much about what to say in this context too.

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