The Continued Success of Equities First Holdings


Equities First Holdings LLC has moved its offices from the original location to the heart of Melbourne. The relocation brought EFH closer to its clients, and it will also be easy to work with its business associates from the present premises. Growth is also another reason that motivated the relocation. EFH rapidly expanding as it needed more space. The present offices are large and accommodative to all staff and clients.

Apart from the offices in Melbourne, EFH has other branches in Perth and Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the headquarters in Indianapolis, USA. Equity First Holdings major lender and pioneer in the global scene. This company supports clients seeking financial support. Despite shares being traded against, EFH gives capital to people around the globe. Since its inception in 2002, the company has completed over seven hundred transactions. These loans are available at low-interest rates to learn more:,-LLC-1 click here.

About EFH

This company serves people and businesses with professional or personal goals. EFH gives loans with equities as loan collateral. Mostly, such loans are mainly given for a fixed period of three years. For example, an individual has stock in a certain company. If the stock appreciates in value, then it can be used as loan collateral.

Becoming the first security based lending company; EFH has managed to acquire benefits over the normal margin loans. This advantage has given the company a competitive advantage and preference by clients. Investors and businesses choose to get loans with EFH as compared to lending institutions. Within a day of contacting this company, they respond with the required documentation.

Equity First Holdings has set the trend in the lending sector. They have managed to attract many clients because of their friendly terms of giving loans. Their services are also fast as opposed to the conventional lengthy loan procedures. Other financial institutions could borrow a leaf from this company.

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