Texas Teams Really Made Thanksgiving NCAAF Betting Interesting

The teams in the state of Texas have very strong rivalries with those from other states. How many Texas colleges and universities have long-standing rivalries with Oklahoma State? The number may be too high to even count. Do not automatically assume Texas’ NCAAF rivalries are limited to “Lone Star State vs. the World” scenarios. There are scores of intra-state rivalries that are just as strong and just as serious.

On Friday November 25th, 2016, in the shadow of the Thanksgiving holiday, two Texas teams ended up facing off with one another in a game that was expertly previewed by the editorial team at Covers.com.

What made the event so anticipated was the fact both teams were coming into the event with a .500 or so record. Who would edge past the 50/50 win mark and who would drop down? When the dust settled, the TCU Horned Frogs came out on top with an impressive — highly impressive — 31 – 9 win over the Longhorns.

As the article points out, the point spread on the game depicted Texas as the favorite. Oddsmakers had Texas at -2.5 while the public upped the team to a -3 favorite. As the end result of the game shows, the marginal point spread of these particular NCAAF odds meant nothing as the underdog won with a massive blowout.

A major lesson has to be learned here. Sometimes, an underdog can rise above all NCAAF odds and all expectations and pull out a big win. No one should assume the oddsmakers or the public were “wrong”. The games are not predetermined and both sides are playing to win. Based on statistics and other indicators, Texas looked like it was going to be the team to beat. Turns out Texas was the team that got beat due to the amazing performance by the TCU Horned Frogs.

Covers.com might be the very best source for college football odds. Anyone looking for great college football odds probably will consider Covers.com a fantastic source. The exceptional articles on the site reveal Covers.com positively do go into great detail about odds and the various factors that contribute to coming up with the lines.

The article does ask questions about the future of Texas coach Charlie Strong. A lot of pressure has been placed on Strong to perform and deliver Texas with a winning season. Likely, this factored into the team being labeled a favorite for the game.

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  1. The Texas Longhorns faced the Texas Christian Horned Frogs in a very anticipated matchup. With the loss, the future of Strong as a coach for Texas may end up being questioned. It is due to the complication to what high quality resume would always be which is very promising too.

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