Alex Pall opens up to Interview magazine on their identity

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two DJs who met at a time when both of them were considering to explore the world of electronic dance music fully. They wasted no time in getting to work, producing hits like “Don’t let me down” and “Roses.” With their new single “Closer” which features Halsey, the duo diverges from their traditional beat making style and collaborating vocalists to including Andrew in the vocals. Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview magazine had a chance to speak to the Chainsmokers about their new song, identity and their evolution plans.

Alex Pall says that he knew they would work out from the moment they met each other because of their shared dream and drive. They took time to learn and understand the electronic music trends and used this knowledge to shape their identity. They worked hard on a daily basis to define their identity and become better artists for their growing audience.

According to Pall, singing on their songs is part of taking an active role in their work. He says even though they have always been involved in the song composition process by guiding songwriters and sometimes chipping in the writing process, “Closer” was a new experience for them. Andrew being part of the vocals is a step towards diversifying their identity. He tells Mathias that Halsey is an incredible artist whose voice fascinates him and working with her was one of their priorities.

Alex says he owes it to social media platforms that have helped them get to know the type of people that connect with their music and interact with them. It is exciting for them to know that their music is acknowledged internationally and it cuts across different age groups.

The DJ who grew up in New York admits that the electronic music scene is ever changing and growing. It requires one to try out new concepts to remain relevant and at the top. The duo performs their songs live and are thinking of new visual and creative ideas to add into their performance element like mixing videos of their live shows with their DJ show.