Market America helps people succeed.

The early nineties saw the beginnings of the online business world. Many businesses were still skeptical or unaware of the potential market emerging in the digital realm. It was a frontier landscape with few guideposts. An ambitious startup called Market America was confident it could compete and succeed on this new playing field, and at the same time help individuals start their own businesses.

Calling Greensboro, North Carolina home, Market America sought to establish a unique marketing model that would provide a pleasant experience for the online shopper and offer an easy way for people to begin growing their own online business.

Over the years Market America has grown to employ over 700 people worldwide, with Operations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands. Since their humble beginnings, they have seen sales totaling close to $7 billion.

People looking to start an online business are often stymied by the many hurdles to gaining a toehold in the highly competitive online world. Market America has made entry into the field easier by providing the individual with a SHOP.COM website, training, and guidance for the would-be entrepreneur, along with a proven business model that increases the odds of success. They can also help your website gain visibility and therefore traffic which is the lifeblood of any online venture.

With an established business model and a built-in support organization, it is clear they have opened the world of online business. They provide everything an individual needs to succeed including a wide range of products. Every successful business venture requires hard work and dedication, but often those aren’t enough. Having a partner to guide and support you can make all the difference and Market America is that partner for many people now succeeding in the online business world.