End Citizens United Fights Rick Scott by Filing a Complaint to the FEC

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization, taking in, on average, less than 20 dollars per member. Their goal is to bring the voting power back to the common people. After a Supreme Court decision made it possible for corporations to purchase elections, End Citizens United decided to work to have the decision overturned.

End Citizens United pursues their goals by support Democratic candidates that do not accept corporate PAC money. PACs are organizations that act independently from campaigns they support. Politicians that accept PAC money are not allowed, by law, to communicate and organize with PACs.

According to End Citizens United, and multiple other sources, that is exactly what Rick Scott, current candidate for U.S. Senate is doing: he is working with New Republican, a PAC that is supporting his Senate run.

In fact, End Citizen United has filed a formal complaint on Rick Scott to the Federal Election Commission. Their claim is supported by evidence. Jenny Drucker, a fundraiser who works for both New Republican and Rick Scott’s campaign is a prime example of evidence that Rick Scott is in communication with New Republican.

Rick Scott used to work for New Republican too. In fact, he held a high position in the organization: he was the chair for the company. During Rick Scott’s time with New Republican, they focused on supporting Donald Trump and his re-election campaign efforts.

Rick Scott has been in legal trouble before. Scott was formally the CEO of Columbia/HCA, and in 1997, he and his company were accused of Medicare fraud. Scott refused to answer questions in court concerning the charges, pleading the fifth amendment. After it was determined that Columbia/HCA should pay $1.7 billion dollars in fine, Rick Scott resigned from the company.

End Citizens United has seen lots of success so far in 2018. Most special elections have went to Democratic candidates that are supported by the organization. They are supporting a variety of candidates going into November’s mid-term elections. Beto’ O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and Bob Casey are just a few of the politicians supported by them.

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