Susan McGalla gives expert advice to female businesswomen

Susan McGalla is a busineswoman who has come very far in this male dominated world. Because of spending much time in this industry and going through the thick and thin, she has advice to advance in this this cut-throat world. Susan McGalla said that even though coming very far in the job industry, Women still lag behind their male counterparts. Giving exact figures, she said that 46.9% of the labor force is female, However only 14.6% of the females are executive officers. Susan McGalla provides 3 tips to women in the business world to advance in their careers.


The first thing she urges on is constant education. According to her, with higher education comes bigger and better opportunities. She futhur urges women not to be intimidated by rising tuition fees. Seek out opportunities for financial aid or employee tuition reimbursement plans. She also points out that female enrollment in higher institutions surpasses male population and the time is not far when females will win the war of skills.


Second tip she gives to women is to stay confident. Do not underestimate their potential nor let others do the same. Citing figures, she informed that womens aspiration levels drop by 60% due to managements behavior. The best thing a women can do is cheer her successes and work on her shortcomings with careful planning. Susan mcGalla tells women to find support and network influencers.


Third advice she has for women is to ignore the glass ceiling. Giving personal example, she contributed her success to the ignorance of glass ceiling. She did not burdened herself with thought of what she should do or what is expected of her because of being a female in businessworld. She advised women not to become a subject of stereotyping and niether to contribute to it. Instead, women should work hard and show their talents and skills.

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