Securus Technologies: Focusing on What Matters Most

Wireless Containment Systems are a new technology that’s been introduced by Securus Technologies of Carrollton, Texas. The company has introduced the development as a way to combat the ever-growing problem of illegal cellular device communications from correctional facilities. The problem has been identified by many correctional facility employees and management as one of the top safety and security concerns in modern times. The problems that these devices cause are countless. Not only have violent crimes been attributed to the contraband, an infant has even lost its life as a result of such acts. Securus Technologies has been working diligently to bring the technology to the forefront along with it’s newly acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet. The strength of these technologically savvy companies adds to the three decades of experience under Securus Technologies’ belt.


Retired correctional facility employee Officer Robert Johnson has attested to the true dangers of contraband cellular devices in facilities. His position required him to confiscate contraband of all types in the prison where he worked. Upon the seizure of a highly valued package, Robert Johnson was made the target of violence. Through communications made via an undetected contraband device, he was able to be located at his residence. He was shot six times by a former inmate, who carried out the orders of the affected prison gang. While Robert Johnson lived, he faces the pain resulting from the incident on a daily basis. He was, however, able to protect his wife from any harm. In another incident, an infant was killed after getting caught up in a retaliation crime. Robert Johnson has since made it his life’s mission to prevent these acts of violence and other crimes from happening in the future.


The Wireless Containment Systems have provided promising results in their testing phase. Over a million attempted communications have been thwarted. Working as a cellular tower, the technology prevents calls made from within its self-contained network from connecting. The FCC initially questioned the legality of the technology, however; Securus Technologies has been able to ensure the project is within their guidelines and does not interfere with other networks. As Securus Technologies has been in the telecommunications business for their entire history, the company is a great choice for the development of this innovative technology.


Securus Technologies has also been making great news in its customer service efforts. The company has reported an over 95 percent satisfaction rating. They’ve also been able to resolve nearly all concerns in just a single call to customer service. With recent BBB accreditation, Securus Technologies has been given an “A+” rating by the bureau. While the company certainly has been focusing on technology in recent years, it’s been able to remain focused on its valued customers as well.


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