Sean Penn tries a hand in novels through his satirical, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

A good book leaves a long-time impression on a readers mind. Therefore, the best authors tend to combine different styles to make a book captivating and memorable. Sean Penn, through his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, has endeavored to mesmerize his readers. The accomplished actor, journalist, and candid activist combine all these in the book, which talks about issues affecting people.


The story was initially an audiobook released in 2016 and narrated by Sean Penn under the pseudonym “Pappy Pariah“. The book tells a story of social evils done by people who, in the public eye, are noble and hold prominent positions.


The narrative style of the story incorporates some elements of poetry, fever dreams, and crazy adventures of the main character. It also comprises of satire relating to the culture and political situation in the United States and other parts of the globe. The main character is a man called Bob Honey. Bob is a middle-aged divorced man who has traveled in around the world as a waste management expert. He also works as a secret agent who assassinates the elderly and is involved in unscrupulous business with dictators. Bob’s antisocial behavior is often a concern for his neighbors within the suburban California neighborhood.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff narrates the adventures of Bob during his numerous trips. The exploits symbolize the works of Bob who has no regard for the rights of other people. They also illustrate the wrongdoings that are happening in various parts of the world by people who cannot be questioned. The book also points out the nature of American politics and how it has influenced the culture of the citizens.


Bob’s behavior is also described and illustrates a man who is quite difficult to understand. He does not like how advertising and social media have received prominence. Besides, he does not like the way people want to know about his businesses and operations. It is well demonstrated by his reaction when a journalist wants to know the reason behind the numerous complaints lodged against him. An encounter with a stranger who wants to share stories puts him in an awkward position.

As an assassin, Bob likes to use a mallet. He also writes a letter to a fictional president, which details his dislike of the country’s policies and political direction. The message is an addition to the many issues to which Bob expresses discontentment.

In essence, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff tries to point out social issues in the country through satire. Readers should be prepared to crack the satirical and symbolism elements in the book gradually.

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