Ryan Seacrest Manages To Make An Extremely Full Life Run Smoothly

Ryan Seacrest is still getting used to New York after relocating from Los Angeles to host Live with Kelly Ripa. He also hosts American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians in addition to his responsibilities for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, On Air with Ryan, and his skin care and fashion lines. He starts his days early with a shower, shave and a little face moisturizer. Ryan Seacrest considers a t-shirt, sweats and a hoodie his uniform. He enjoys matcha tea and coffee to help start his day.

When Ryan Seacrest was younger he felt guilty when he took the time to work out during business hours. As time passed, the man of polish and distinction realized this was an important aspect of balancing his work and intense schedule. He brought along a trainer when he was in the Bahamas for a live show with Kelly. This ensured he could maintain his routine. Ryan Seacrest also began working with a boxing coach in addition to Peloton bikes and running in the park.

As per gq.com, Ryan Seacrest enjoys a little TV and the overnight news in the morning. Then he does some reading on the way to work each morning by taking a car from the Upper East Side. He has learned he only has so much time so he only accepts and phone interviews and any special requests during the second half of his day. He reserves his afternoons for anything he considers long term. He has learned self discipline and that everything does not need to be handled immediately. Ryan Seacrest also learned people’s favorite words are yes and got it. These have become his favorite replies to emails.

Ryan Seacrest admits to being a massive foodie but tries to maintain a mostly vegan diet. He says drinking wine and eating well are partially how he enjoys life. On the weekends he splurges on a sensational bottle of wine and a family style, two hour meal. He has tried mediation but says he is easily distracted because he has attention deficit disorder. One way of coping is by putting his phone down or having it locked away while traveling.


Taken from: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

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