Richard Dwayne Blair Offers Insight on Wealth Creation

In the current business world, all wealth managers have been defined as good at what they do. However, not all wealth managers can be described as professionals, leave alone astute. This is a critical point to consider before hiring a wealth investment manager. When discussing wealth management and investment, Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions becomes a primary subject. The man has been instrumental in helping clients to create wealth through various investment dockets. As such, he offers clients amazing learning opportunities coupled with the following insight.

The Three Pillars of Success

The First Pillar – In pillar one, Richard Dwayne Blair is keen on developing a financial roadmap for clients. Most importantly, he uses this pillar to weigh the strengths, risks, opportunities for expanding the business and available objectives. After identifying these aspects, Blair builds a robust relationship with his clients. Moreover, he takes advantage of this opportunity by gaining a deeper understanding of client’s concerns and plans.

The Second Pillar- Pillar two is meant to develop long-term investment strategies that have been customized to fit the goals and objectives of a client. Having worked on the best approach for managing and relocating assets, Mr. Blair assists clients to capture maximum performance when the market is stable. The selling point of this pillar lies in enabling clients to track their performance.

The Third Pillar – After establishing a client’s goals, Richard Blair reviews every strategy and objective in the third pillar. Here, he ensures that clients have insurance. Of course, with the future being unpredictable, it becomes challenging to define the next move in case of mishaps. So at this point, Mr. Blair prepares clients for the unknown.

Personal Profile

The duty of a professional wealth manager is helping clients to make sense out of confusing financial markets. As such, Richard Blair has managed to be a top-notch wealth advisor who helps clients to differentiate between low-risk and high-risk businesses. Working at Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair works with financial experts to secure his client’s future in every way he can.


When Blair founded Wealth Solutions, his idea was appended on improving people’s lives. So far, he has managed to achieve his primary goal. Always drawn to the industry of education, he garnered extensive leadership skills from college and immediately after graduation, he delved into the industry of financial services.


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