Professor Kamil Idris Sees A Bright Future For Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and as such could be a world leader. Up until now, they have not used the resources they have to come into power. Africa is the largest provider of gold and other mineral resources and Professor Kamil Idris feels that they could use this as a means to further expanding their economy. There are several nations in Africa that have begun to combine their energies into making their future better. There have been setbacks though as these countries struggle to deal with instability in their governments.

Oil prices have recently gone down and those countries in Africa who depend on exporting this material have been hit hard. They are expecting that within the near future, they can again begin to expand their exporting rights. Other countries in Africa have seen gold and silver prices plummet and then rise again and this instability in pricing has effected their economies greatly.

Professor Idris does see a rosy outcome for Africa though. He believes that once the continent has reached a stable state of their infrastructures, the African continent could become one of the most powerful in the world. They are rich in diversity as many companies have expanded their operations to this area.

Professor Kamil Idris has been the Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization in the past and has brought his extensive knowledge in the world of business to his blog postings. He has blogged on many subjects and he is followed by a great many people who feel his experience speaks through his posts.


He has written several books on subjects such as Trademarks and Intellectual Properties and they have been best sellers. Anyone in the business industry who has read them has said that he shows a great deal of insight into these matters. He was educated overseas and holds various business degrees. Professor Idris continues to view changes throughout the world and speaks at many conferences on the changing global market. The experience he brings from working at many different agencies has allowed many people to make choices in business that have been successful.

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