President of Wax Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle is well known in the Gaming Industry. He plays a major part in the Company called OPSkins. OPSkins has the lead in sales all over the world for virtual gaming. Malcolm’s Company, OPSkins, is also known for their financial money services. They are merchants in the bit coin currency. Crypto is another type of virtual currency that is provided for clientele. Malcolm continues to be a global leader for virtual gaming and new forms of profitable currency.

Malcolm Casselle is a founder of the OPSkins Company. He is also the President of the World Wide Asset Exchange. His Exchange Company also goes by the name WAX. His success in Business started in the year 1995. During this time, he helped create one of the first successful Production Websites called Net Noir. His job at Net Noir was to help promote different types of culture in social media. Malcolm helped this Website become part of a green house program on the world wide web. Casselle’s next adventure was from the years 1998 to 2002. He became the Vice President of a Business called Cyber Works. He ended up staying with this Hong Kong based Business for over a decade. Malcolm was seen as a very successful Business man at this point in his career.

Malcolm Casselle’s passion for Business ventures continued. He became the CEO of Xfire in spring of 2012. Xfire gave video game players a social media outlet on the Internet. In the year 2013, Malcolm dipped into several Business ventures. Firstly, he started working with a digital online Company called Media Pass. He helped bring in profits from clientele subscriptions. Secondly, he became a founder of a social media Business. Malcolm named it Time Line Labs. An International Company, called Sea Change Digital Media, was his last adventure that year. Malcolm became the over head Manager and Vice President of Sea Change Media. Malcolm Casselle is globally known as a leader of Internet based Companies and innovator for new forms of banking currencies.


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