Perry Mandera: Mental Filtering and Why He Still Stands Strong and Successful Today

There’s an idea in psychology called mental filtering that explains why we select our memories and how our minds could sometimes be vividly fabricating our past as we retell it. This is a concept most prevalent in business, too, where executives try to point out that the success they got is from their skills when it could be just as well that it’s quite just a matter of luck.

Fortunately, we know of people like Perry Mandera whose qualities, successes and achievements have been a matter of both luck and skills, and whose competence is unquestionably guaranteed.


How The Success of Perry Mandera Is Brought Out

The world of business knows that Perry Mandera is the CEO and the esteemed founder of The Custom Companies, which is a company that has built an impressive reputation in the field of transportation and logistics. Of course, this is not hard to expect from a person like Perry Mandera. He’s proven his competence already in the past work he did before being the founder of Custom Companies since the late 90s. That’s not hard to believe, already. What’s a more interesting area to consider is how he was able to sustain the level of success that he receives. At the risk of going for a little bit of mental filtering, we can say that the formative experiences in the past of Perry Mandera were his fundamentals in succeeding in the game. Not only is that a developmental structure in his skills, but it may well be the reason why he’s still able to work in the field that he’s in for quite some years already.


Donating To Charities

We can also say that the success of Perry Mandera could be because he knows how to share. He expands because he knows how to give help. His help doesn’t seem to be something that’s oriented towards building a brand. It’s not virtue merchandising, where the idea of support is being seen as commercial merchandise. He understands that to help, he has to sacrifice himself a lot, and this might be the reason why he still stands successfully today.

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