The Moves that Dr. Cay Siegall is making in Creating ADC Therapies

Seattle Genetics is a company that has been operating since 1998. Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder of the enterprise, and also the current president and CEO. Clay says that he founded the company on the principle of scientific innovation, extensive research, and most importantly, the desire to help other human beings. The company has been around for the past two decades, and in this time, they have managed to achieve more in medical research than many other bigger biotechnology and clinical trial companies. Clay was interviewed about his background, Seattle Genetics and the way forward and this is what he had to say.

First, he was asked what inspired him to venture into biotechnology. He states that when he was a teenager, his father was diagnosed with cancer. He watched for five years as the father tried to fight the illness, but unfortunately, he succumbed when he was 24. By the time his father lost the battle, Clay had realized that the therapies which were used to treat cancer at the time were not very friendly to the patient. He had therefore decided that he was going to dedicate his life to helping future patients have a chance with the illness. He had already graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology.

He specialized in genetics and got a Ph.D. in genetics from the George Washington University. His first job was with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He also worked for some time with the National Cancer Institute. He admits that these are jobs that gave him a lot of the experience that he needed to make his dream a reality.

Seattle Genetics has entered into multiple licensing agreements with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Genentech. These and other public and private funding campaigns have raised more than $300 million to help them carry out their research. Clay also coordinated the company’s first IPO in 2001. The first of their ADC therapies was approved by the FDA in 2011 and is currently in use in more than 65 countries. Clay hopes that the other 20 ADC drugs they are developing will also get approved.

Love Great Wine from Napa Valley? Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides Do Too!

If you haven’t been to Napa Valley, or if you’ve been there a dozen times, there are many things to do outside of simply visiting the vineyards. While the vineyards are by no doubt absolutely amazing, Napa Valley is one of the country’s most beautiful regions and there are many additional things to explore that you may want to take advantage of. At Traveling Vineyard, our Wine Guides have access to purchase Napa Valley’s best wines at any time they wish, so when visiting Napa Valley they often take advantage of everything to do and see outside of the vineyard scene.

For example, history buffs will love Napa Valley’s Historical Society. They can view and experience exactly how life was in Napa Valley 100 years ago. Art buffs can stroll to the Napa Valley Art walk and view art by local and regional artists in a live outdoor experience.

Those looking for a relaxing experience can visit the Calistoga Ranch for either fun in the indoors or outdoors. Their gorgeous outdoor vicinity has hot air balloon rides, yoga and hiking. The area also has a plethora of natural hot springs that guests are welcome to relax in and around. If the indoors is more your speed the Ranch’s Auberge Spa offers therapeutic massages and the latest and greatest in beauty treatments that use ingredients from the area’s hot springs and rich ingredients found in the natural soil.

If you want to experience Napa Valley in the comfort of your own home, Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides will host a free tasting for you and your guests. The group will gather for a tasting of Napa’s finest wines and your wine guide will go over the different flavors and pairing possibilities for each wine. After guests sip and savor the wines they will be able to buy as few or as many bottles as they would like from their Wine Guide. These bottles will be shipped to them to enjoy at their leisure.

The entire process is meant to be a fun experience and to make a memory with friends over the love of great wines!

Travelling Vineyard has been around since 2001 and it was started based off of a mutual love of wine. It isn’t a sales process, but instead invites wine lovers to gather in a fun setting, enjoy a lovely experience and then have access to Napa Valley’s finest wines.

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Michael Lacey: Master Mathematician

Born, September 26, 1959, Michael Lacey has always been a true mathematician at heart. He graduated with his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1987 and has since been very active in his role as a highly educated mathematician. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

He taught Math at the University of North Carolina, Louisiana State Universiy as well as Indiana University.

While teaching at Indiana University he was the recipient of a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship which is where he began his study of the bi-linear Hilbert Transform, which with the help of fellow mathematician Christoph Thiele, is how he was awarded the Salem Prize for solving this phenomenon. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Since then, he has been working as a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he is continuing to do amazing things.

While working at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship for work he completed with a fellow co-worker, Xiaochun Li. In 2012, after working in the field of mathematics for over twenty years he finally became a member of the American Mathematical Society.

Today, you can find him leading the mathematical education team at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With his great amount of experience and knowledge in the field he is the ideal candidate for anyone looking to further their education and/or become an educated mathematician.

For more information or if you are interested in learning more about Michael Lacey and the mathematician program that is offered at the Georgia institute of Technology do not hesitate to visit his website at

Whitney Wolfe Gets Married and Provides Inspiration to Single Ladies

Whitney Wolfe is definitely becoming someone that people can appreciate when it comes to innovation in the dating app world. She has giving people a lot to talk about when it comes to dating, and many people are looking at her innovation with Bumble and getting excited about the possibilities that exist.

Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to the dating app world anymore, but she clearly has a desire to do something that is completely different from what has been done before. Whitney Wolfe started with a dating app, but she is actually branching out into other aspects of social media. This is a possible plan for a much more dominant Bumble organization that is headed by women. This is something that is fascinating to many people that are watching Whitney Wolfe grow as an entrepreneur and business owner. She seems to be doing a lot of things that her fans find fascinating these days. Another fascinating event among many is her recent marriage.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to build quite a legacy for herself even though she is still young. She is working on her second dating app, and both have proven to be highly successful. People may say that she has the midas touch when it comes to connecting singles through technology. People could go even further and say that she has the Midas touch in getting connected with the right one in her personal life as well. The recent marriage may be proof of that.

Whitney Wolfe recently got married, and her fans went wild for the dress that she posted pictures of on Twitter. Ladies that are longing for the day that they walk down the aisle were able to live vicariously through their fearless dating app leader as she married fiancé Michael Herd. It is definitely something that makes her more appealing when it comes to her dating app experience. To know more about her click here.

Women are much more inclined to believe in love in the possibilities of finding someone if the woman that created the app that they use has found love. They know that she is not just out there to make attempts to make money and have no desire for people to really find the right one. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe is a hopeless romantic that is trying to help other women that may have been scared of making the first move in the past.


Teachings About Retirement Planning According to David Giertz

Controlling one’s future requires insights from industry experts like David Giertz. David is a self-made financial expert with such an impressive record in creating reasonable strategies for various categories of people. He comes clear on common concerns, particularly regarding retirement. How prepared are you for it? This is one of the questions you should never allow to leave your mind. Everyone needs to understand some fundamentals to guide them into a seamless life after retirement. David Giertz primarily focuses on appropriate planning. To prevent yourself from getting trapped into a predicament, you must prepare in advance.

Proper Planning for a Stable Retirement

Regardless of the many bucks you pocket every month, the truth is that saving never comes easy. Again, it gets a bit tricky to estimate the amount of money you will require to take care of your retirement period. David advises that you get prepared with adequate payments to last your entire life considering that you will be spending more than you’ll be earning. Even though it is advisable to channel cash into your account from time to time, you realize it will never be enough to maintain you steadily throughout. Ensure you save up enough by forfeiting an extravagant life.

Deciding on Your Course of Action

At times someone may want to retire early but lack a proper plan. Before rushing into making the decision, it is wise to engage an expert in retirement plans. According to Mr. Giertz, retiring early will require you to be saving up to 33 times your yearly income. On choosing a good plan with the help of your financial expert, then you forge right ahead and cultivate towards achieving your goals. Discipline is essential, and in case of making withdrawals before reaching the said age, you will get exposed to at least 10% penalty.

Looking Into David’s Personal Information

David is celebrated for his 30 years of hands-on experience in progressive financial services. The WABC licensed business coach has also proved his consistent commitment by increasing his Gallup associate engagement mark from 4.41 to 4.63. David is a BS and MBA holder from Millikin University and the University of Miami respectively.

Lime Crime’s New Pocket Candy Palettes Bring Millennials’ Childhoods Back in a Big Way

The ’90s are back! Lime Crime’s upcoming release of their Pocket Candy eyeshadow palettes brings 1990s beauty straight back to you. Featuring three different palettes (in turquoise blue, orchid purple, and daffodil yellow, naturally), there’s certain to be one that calls your name. The palettes themselves are inspired by Polly Pocket cases, with large bows imprinted in the plastic of the case and LimeCrime embossed with gold foil, making a playful statement.

Lime Crime has always been one of those brands that attracts attention. Whether it be from their unmatched selection of bright and bold makeup to their firebrand CEO Doe Deere, this audacious beauty brand is never far from the news. They’re already making headlines with the release of the Pocket Candy palettes, which allow millennial MUAs to play with grown-up versions of the looks they tried and loved as kids.

Each palette features five buttery soft, highly pigmented eyeshadows, grown-up versions of the ones you bought at Claire’s with your allowance and then smeared all over your face in an attempt to look grown up.

Bubblegum, the blue palette, features a cheerful mix of brown, pink, and purple, with one bright turquoise in the center, of course. In Sugar Plum, the purple palette, we see a mix of four different purple shades with a contrasting pure white in the center – perfect for grown-up versions of the looks you created as a kid. Third, Pink Lemonade (the yellow palette) offers a mix of warm pinks, a deep brown, and a pale yellow to complete the look.

In all three palettes you’ll find both bright and neutral shades, meaning that whichever one you choose, you’ll have an extremely versatile new addition to your makeup collection. It’s time to relive the best parts of your childhood. Starting September 19, Pocket Candy palettes will be available online at for $34 each or $90 for all three. Slip one into the back of your Jordache jeans and rock it.

Sheldon Lavin’s Remarkable Leadership For OSI Group

Leaders rely on their wit and talents to persevere and succeed. Leaders always take charge on their path towards their goals. Without their perseverance, they wouldn’t be able to achieve the targets they set for their companies’ growth. One of those leaders who strive to give the best that their business deserves is Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group.

The Leadership Unlike No OtherThere’s more to Sheldon Lavin than meets the eye. Of course, everyone knows the basics. People already know that Sheldon is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the renowned OSI Group, LLC, the brand that is responsible for so many meat and food processing products today. Being the leader for OSI Group, Sheldon managed to always put OSI in the current list of great companies that operate on a global scale.

Lavin also lends his skills to serve as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. while remaining involved in how the company works in different countries that it is part of today.

Since 1970, Sheldon also managed to get himself involved in the financing structures of Otto & Sons, which later on formed the foundation of OSI Group. The growth of OSI Group wouldn’t have been successful if it weren’t for the intense dedication of Lavin in bringing OSI Group in front of a global marketplace. This success is evident in his achievement of the Global Visionary Award from the most respected and renowned India’s Vision World Academy last February 20, 2016.

Lavin acknowledged that this award is such an honor and a remarkable appreciation of the hard work that he did for the OSI Group to grow it into a large powerhouse company that it is right now. It wouldn’t also be possible for Lavin to be this successful if it weren’t for the dedication and concern that he has for the welfare of the employees in his company.

Ethical StandardsLeaders like Lavin always consider the future and will do everything to ensure that the next generation still enjoys what we have right now. That factor is the real consideration why right now Lavin partners with corporate leaders to train upcoming companies and entrepreneurs about how operations in the company should consider the ethical factors in doing business. This consideration means that the next generation should consider the environmental costs of their decisions and of how they run their operations.

With Lavin’s dedication for this kind of training, it’s not hard to see how far his career will still grow in the coming years.

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Greg Secker, World’s Top Forex trainer

Greg Secker is a very famous forex trader and has been recognized worldwide because of his efforts in trading forex successfully. He has been on the frontline fighting for a better forex trading environment. He is also a famous public speaker, philanthropist, and a great lawyer. He was born on February 18, 1975, and is known to be a very famous English business person. He has donated several millions of dollars towards helping the less fortunate in the society. He also attended the University of Nottingham and studied bachelors of science in Food science and agriculture. He later abandoned the course to advance his career in forex markets

Greg Secker is the founder of so many companies that have branches across the globe. He created the companies to enable him to train more people across the globe. The companies include Learn To Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital and SmartCharts Software and they have been able to train so many people across the globe on how to trade forex. He started humbly by training friends and interested family members. In fact, those were his first clients. He then left the house and started attending meetings. He was mentored by great forex giants across the globe and eventually became a famous public speaker. Greg through his speaking ability has been able to make several people become great forex traders in the world. So far, the guru has been able to turn 200,000 potential traders to good traders across the globe. He has so far attended over 5,000 meetings in his entire life.

Greg Secker is also a great philanthropist and is the current founder of The Greg Secker Foundation and his mission is to positive is impact the generation. The organization has also been on the frontline helping to improve leadership skills in the World, improve education and skills of living in the community. He has also been on the frontline helping the people in Philipines. He has built over 100 houses for those people in a project called ‘Build a House, Build a Home. He has been awarded and nominated as one of the most philanthropic people across the whole globe. He is in no doubt one of those guys who will go down in history as having achieved greatly.

Eric Pulier’s Shares His Ideas on the Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Is it sensible to assume that working on your dreams until they come true is the key to success? Probably the outstanding accomplishments of Eric Pulier would qualify him as among those who found the key to success and went ahead to achieve what most are still dreaming.

Mr. Pulier has many things that underline his life. He is a renowned entrepreneur, respected philanthropist, founder of more than 15 companies, an innovative technologist, a columnist, and a published author. Undoubtedly, he is among the few living the life they always desired. Eric Pulier offers his insights on his definition of success and exactly how to get there.

The several titles to the name of Eric Pulier would not have become a reality if he never fought through the challenges he’s faced without giving up. He recognizes failure as the force that catapults you to success and points out that you have to persevere the many ugly situations you encounter along the way if you are to achieve your goals.

Right from his early life and even when pursuing his education, Eric Pulier had already developed an immense love for computer programming. He became a guru while still in high school. It’s when attending Harvard University that his passion for programming gained better traction and took another dimension to the extent that he was granted a position as a writer in The Harvard Crimson.

It’s evident, therefore, that passion has significant contributions to one’s career. Eric is behind the various technology initiatives that have had remarkable impacts on the society all thanks to his passion for programming.

Mr. Puliers has a tremendous love for writing, and he confesses to writing down every idea that comes into his mind however trivial it seems. He offers that the key to success is to have your plans always laid out and ready for execution.

Accumulating will help to connect the ideas, and you may realize you’ve come up with an excellent innovation as you play around with them. The thought of losing an idea is bad news for Eric Pulier, and he believes in preserving until he can make something out of them.

All About Saving Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

During the hot days of summer your air conditioner can run full tilt for 12 to 16 hours a day, especially in the warmer climates. Goettl Air Conditioning has some smart suggestions on how to make your air conditioner run more efficiently thus reducing the cost you have to pay.

Start out by going outside to your outside unit. Just be sure that there is no tall plant growth within two feet of the unit and that debris and clutter is not present. This will impede the operation of the unit if it is present. Also, remove the cover and with your garden hose, wash the coils thoroughly. The coils have a tendency to accumulate things like grass clippings and debris and should periodically be checked.

Secondly, make good use of ceiling fans. If you don’t have ceiling fans, even floor fans can help. The fans help the cool air in the house to circulate making it easier for the thermostat to work. If the air is constantly cool around the thermostat, indeed it is less likely that it will be calling for more cool air to be produced. According to the United States Department of Energy, the use of fans can allow the thermostat to be turned up an additional four degrees without anyone in the house feeling the least bit uncomfortable.

According to Arch News, the use of programmable or “smart” thermostats can be very useful. When you are away from the house such as when you go to work, trips, shopping and other times, the thermostat can be set to automatically reduce the need for cool air in the house. There is little sense in cooling the house to your comfort levels if you are not there. Some thermostats can actually sense when no one is home, making things even easier in this regard.

Goettl Air Conditioning is located in Phoenix, Tempe, Las Vegas and Southern California. Since 1938 customers have relied on Goettl for their heating and air conditioning needs in the desert Southwest of the United States. Read more about Goettl Air Conditioning on