Why The ClassDojo App Deserves a Gold Star Rating From Educators

Technology is helping shape up different things and one of the areas that have benefitted immensely from recent innovations is education. Edtech startups had an impressive year 2017 as more schools woke up to the reality that technology is something that should be integrated in the running of schools to make the learning process better than ever before. One of the companies that have championed changes in this area is ClassDojo, which is seeking to make the classroom experience more fun and interactive than ever before. ClassDojo is an application that serves as a communication platform on which educators and students can connect with parents to jointly drive the learning process.

It has helped to create a community in which students are now able to express their needs with more clarity, and their parents as well as teachers can offer their input to keep the students on track. ClassDojo identified a problem where communication between teachers, parents and students was confined to end-of-term meetings, which was something not effective enough to streamline the learning process. The company, through their app, has made this communication real-time to allow continuous input from all the parties involved. Its adoption rate has grown to 90 percent with at least 2 in 3 K-8 schools across the U.S. using the platform.

Revolutionary technology

The technology used on the ClassDojo app takes app design and implementation to a new level as users are given priority to explore different features. Teachers who have tried it have recorded massive growth in performance as students are able to now come out and speak up for their issues to be tackled by both teachers and their parents. Although competition is fierce in the edtech market, ClassDojo has done an exemplary job reaching different schools and proving to answer the questions most educators have always wanted to address for many years.

It’s a tool for empowerment that creates a positive culture in classrooms. Additionally, the app is free and only few premium features will be charged, so this is a great opportunity to help enhance the learning process especially among young kids who require support from both parents and teachers.

How Waiakea Water Is Tackling Some Of The Tough Issues In The Bottled Water Industry

There are a lot of companies in the bottled water industry. It is an industry that is now worth more than $100 billion on a global basis. An entire aisle in many grocery stores is dominated by different brands. The number one market is currently Italy for bottled waters but there are several other nations close behind. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

The notion of people buying bottled water would have been ridiculed not that many years ago. This is especially true in countries where tap water is just as clean as bottled water and is basically free. To stand out and gain sales many bottled water companies now has a unique take where they offer something in the water that their competitors don’t. It might contain a mix of vitamins or the company will have a unique filtration process that leads to a health benefit.

One bottled water brand that is new and distinctive is Waiakea Water. This brand is located in Hawaii and features water that has been naturally filtered through volcanic rock. The name of the water is based on the Hawaiian words, “wai akea” which translates to English as “broad waters”. Having been founded in 2012, the company makes use of the way that lava rock naturally filters water while also adding a host of beneficial minerals to the water.

View: https://waiakeasprings.com/healthy/

Another part of the industry that Waiakea Water is tackling is one of the biggest issues people have with bottled water, namely the bottles themselves. They are very harmful to the environment and don’t break down for over 1,500 years. Given that only 23% of bottles are recycled this is a big problem. Waiakea Water bottles are made from 100% recycled bottles which definitely helps. Additionally, starting in 2018 their bottles will incorporate a new substance they helped create called TimePlast. This material will break down the bottle in just 15 years which is, of course, much better than 1,500 years.

For these reasons and others Waiakea Volcanic bottled water has been named by some publications as one of the best water brands in the world. One of them, 10 Best Water, named it as the #1 water label that is available due to the quality of the water and how it is packaged. Visit BevNet to know more.

Mitigating Risks and Protecting Customer’s Privacy: Onelogin Breaks it Down

With risks of data and privacy breach reaching a new level in the digital realm, companies are continually searching for ways to protect their systems and the privacy of customer related information. Some of such mitigation measures include adopting frameworks developed by regulatory authorities within their jurisdiction, iterating their existing systems and even developing policies to govern their operations.

One company that has had an elaborate risk management blueprint is OneLogin. Below is an overview of the measures that the company has adopted to avert risks posed by today’s ever dynamic online world.

Company overview

OneLogin is a cloud-based identity management platform and which helps businesses and organizations to secure users’ access to applications and company devices. Besides this, OneLogin helps boost the staff’s productivity by leveraging on single sign-on.

The 4 Intuitive Risk Management Efforts that Endears OneLogin to its Clientele

  1. Aligning policies and processes to existing regulatory frameworks

OneLogin expedites every effort to ensure that their processes, right from their data mapping diagrams to privacy frameworks, conform to the existing guidelines and frameworks set by regulatory authorities.

  1. Tailoring the end products to meet their customer’s language needs

Language is an important aspect of communication. To meet their customers’ language needs, OneLogin strives to ensure that their privacy frameworks conform to the guidelines set out in GDPR with regard to data breach notification language, use of subcontractors and role of data processors availed to data contractors.

  1. Leveraging on the expertise of Data Protection Officers (DPO)

To meet the requirements set out in the GDPR, the company has contracted an independent legal counsel within EU region to serve as the company’s DPO.

  1. Certifications in relevant areas

Requirements and certifications change with time. To safeguard the trust they’ve earned from their clients overtime, OneLogin invites independent reviews from regulators to ensure their frameworks conform to latest guidelines.

The next review for a GDPR certification is scheduled for May 2018 and is aimed at unearthing and sealing any loopholes in their policy and privacy frameworks.

Final word

As more organizations shift to using digital platforms to reach to a larger market segment, securing their systems as well as safeguarding their users’ privacy is a key pillar to their success. OneLogin strives to provide tools and the expertise to help companies overcome the challenges of the dynamic online world.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler: The Brains Behind TechStyle Fashion Group

TechStyle was co-founded in March 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler as JustFab. These two are the Co-CEO’s of this company. Adam deals with data, marketing, margins and internal systems whereas Ressler is in charge of talent, vision and customer experience.

Adam Goldenberg had started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of thirteen. His first venture was an online bulletin board that he later turned into a gaming website named Gamers Alliance. At seventeen, Adam sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix where he was offered a job. He became world’s youngest Chief Operating Officer at nineteen years. With an eye for entrepreneurship and all things technology he founded Intelligent Beauty and in turn start up other businesses like DermStore.

Ressler on the other hand, has ventured into different businesses that have been success stories. He founded his own company FitnessHeaven.com which he sold to Intermix in 1997. Don Ressler had also co-founded Alena media and Hydroderm a skincare brand. Don Ressler had started Intelligent Beauty together with Adam Goldenberg, and this is what birthed TechStyle.

Recent trends have indicated the use of technology and E-commerce for fashion related industries. Today the fashion world has to learn how to keep up with consumers whose lives are intertwined with the use of technology. This has led them to use social media as a marketing tool and other methods like CRM technology. TechStyle having been co-founded by two technological geniuses is a leader in managing and making sales by employing technology.

A commonly used method to lure prospective customers is the membership program. This has worked immensely for TechStyle. They used this technique on their footwear collection back in 2010. Those who had been subscribing to their VIP monthly subscription had lots of offers. This included a 30% off in sales, free shipping, loyalty rewards and access to exclusive products and promotions. This made TechStyle then JustFab realize growth in their clientele by almost six million in two years.

The company was then able to expand to other countries like the UK, and Germany among others in four years. It is during this time that the company had rebranded themselves From JustFab to Techstyle. This was to show the involvement of technology in the fashion industry. Adam and Ressler having dealt with technology in their careers before are determined to make technology work in TechStyle. In this bid, the company has created six Fashion Operating Systems namely;

CRM membership System

Personal Styling System

E-commerce System

Omni-Channel Retail System

Enterprise Data Management System

Supply Chain and Fulfilment System

All this is to make shopping and own styling easier.

Amicus Therapeutics, Biotechnology Company

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that creates treatments for unique diseases of today. They specialize in treating specially genetic diseases. Amicus Therapeutics’ products are used throughout the nation. The company was founded in 2002. However, Amicus Therapeutics announced themselves to the public in 2007. The main location for Amicus Therapeutics is in the city of New Jersey. The company also has another office in San Diego that has been open since 2008.

Amicus Therapeutics’ company has about 50-100 professionals on staff. This company is top-of-the-line because they have some of the best clinical professionals working to find treatments for rare diseases. The chairman of Amicus Therapeutics is John Crowley. He has been with the company since 2005. Crowley has publicly said that he is very proud of his team for all of their hard work. He is happy to have a great team that is very persistent in helping others. Amicus Therapeutics is a well trusted company because they let their patients see that they have strong ethics. Patients have grown to genuinely love and appreciate Amicus Therapeutics!

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/amicus-therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics has a large support system. They have received different grants for research from several different organizations. For example, they received grants from the Alzheimer’s foundation and the Michael Fox Foundation as well. Many people have been willing to support Amicus Therapeutics because they are doing a good deed by trying to find treatments for all of these rare conditions. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on twitter.com.

Recently, Amicus Therapeutics has developed migalastat which is used to treat patients with Fabry. Fabry is a rare genetic disease in which individuals have a deficiency of enzymes. They have also developed SD-101 which is a therapy to treat Epidermolysis Bullosa, a tissue disorder. Amicus Therapeutics has been working extremely hard to treat patients with these rare genetic disorders. The public cannot wait to see what else Amicus Therapeutics has in store for their patients! Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Talented Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is an independent oil and gas company focusing on the exploration, development of natural gas and oil in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The company takes an innovative approach through techniques and cutting edge seismic technologies. Through the efforts of a management team with extensive experience with offshore exploration and production the company has been able to acquire and develop operated shelf and deep water assets.

Founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan with a $600 million equity raise, Talos Energy LLC was born from Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. Based in Houston, Texas the company has worked to establish a longstanding solid track record which reflects corporate responsibility, save environment compliant operations, and is in a position of further exponential growth. Mr. Duncan attributes much of the success to the employees, whom he invites on a continual basis to contribute their best ideas. Involvement of staff at this level has enabled the establishment of comfortable corporate relationships. You begin to know each other by name, by their talents, position, and contributions.

Recently, Talos Energy LLC along with London-based Premier Oil Plc, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas decided to work together in a cohesive manner drilling the Zama-1 well. Drilling began on May 21 and for the first time in 80 years a brand new off shore oil well. This discovery in Mexican waters is exciting because this is a positive step by the country to bring foreign competitors back into its energy markets. All of which translates into better and fortified relationships, improved markets, and a better investment opportunity for all.

Drilling the Zama-1 well will take approximately 90 days to complete, and is estimated to hold 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Talos holds 35% stake, Sierra holds 40%, and Premier 25% stake. This venture drilling into Zama-1 tells much more than oil itself, it tells us that the Mexican market is offering, exploring, and is willing to foster relationships with foreign companies once again, of which offers success beyond the highly anticipated lucrative financial revenues!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talos.energy/

Advocacy for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

In the revolutionary world, there has cropped up many non-governmental organizations that are championing for civil, human and migrants’ rights. The aim of these groups is to target group of people who may fall victim of denial of their human rights. However, most of these organizations work towards a common course of ensuring that there is total and equal justice to every individual.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are the founder of “Larkin and Lacey FronteraFund”, are committed in fighting for the rights of immigrants in Arizona. This foundation was formed after Michael and Jim, who are journalists, broadcasted a story concerning Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two were wrongly arrested. After the court of appeal annulled their case, they were compensated $3.75 million for wrongful imprisonment. They decided to invest this money; that was meant for their settlement; in their organization “Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund”.

Apart from advocating for migrants’ rights, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are similarly committed in fighting for human and civil rights. They are dedicated in helping the less fortunate, needy and low-income earners families so as to enjoy equal rights and opportunities as the others.

Another group that is committed in advocating for these rights is “America Immigration Lawyers Association” (AILA). It’s a non-profit making organization founded in the year 1946 by a group of lawyers and other legal professionals. The main objective of the group is to educate vulnerable individuals on legal matters and also offering consultation services. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/ and http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/23/jim-larkin-michael-lacey-make-the-list-of-civil-rights-protectors/

The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights is another leading institution that advocates for migrants’ rights. It was found in 1986 for this specific purpose. It’s focused in ensuring that there is a free mobility of individuals in democracy participation. It ensures that all people are inclusive under the same statutory law and no discrimination to any individual.

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law is an institution formed in 1963 after a request by the then president of America, John F. Kennedy. The main goal is to advocate for civil rights and also ensuring that there is zero tolerance to racial discrimination. It also fights for equality in available opportunities particularly to the minority groups.

Most of these advocacy groups are always involved in defending human rights even if it calls for legal battles. This is to ensure that every individual enjoys equal opportunities, rights and no racial discrimination as stipulated by law

Don Ressler Becomes Prolific Business Leader

Athletic clothing is becoming big business, and Don Ressler is not going to let the moment pass without getting in on the deal. He has become one of the most prolific figures and the retail industry when it comes to athletic clothing. Many people get a chance to see Kate Hudson on the website as they search for clothes on Fabletics.com. What many consumers may not see is the silent partner Don Ressler that is helping the other business partner Adam Goldenberg with all the data driven metrics that are working in place. These two are silent entrepreneurs, but only when it comes to marketing the brand. Hudson may be doing that out front, but Don Ressler has years of experience as an entrepreneur that has been selling different products for a while.

Long before Fabletics and JustFab Don Ressler was providing women with cosmetic and skin-care products that were part of a company called Intelligent Beauty. This is where he would make his name known as an entrepreneur that had a vision. As time progressed Don Ressler would take the earnings from smaller companies like this and pool this money together to make bigger companies. In time he wpuld learn the ropes and he would come an expert when it came to marketing for clothes for women. JustFab would be a monster success that was giving Americans something that they would appreciate. Don Ressler was bringing forth clothing that was both comfortable and affordable. This would be his calling card when it came to fashion. Ressler used this same type of business model over and over again, and he would continue to strike gold. Don had already gone through the early stages of social media with MySpace. This allowed him to cut his teeth on the concept of social media for the concept of marketing. He would find his way into different channels of business marketing where he could capitalize on social media tactics to gain an audience.

Don Ressler really felt that he had the ability to build businesses where people would talk about the trends that were being set online. He knew that he had a successful business model with the automated shipment of clothes, and this has continued to make new companies that he creates successful as well. Don Ressler and partner Adam Goldenberg have been successful in getting the attention of female consumers this way.

How Individuals in Dallas Benefit from Banking Institutions.

NexBank is a banking institution that primarily offers financial solutions to individuals living in the United States. The company began its operations in 1994 and grew over the years to become one of the largest banks in the universe. The quality of services offered by the banking firm made it be listed among the top banks in Texas as well as the entire United States. NexBank has its headquarters situated in Dallas with a population of workers that amounts to over eighty. The financial institution is under the servitude of NexBank Capital Inc. that is headed by John Holt. He is among top leadership executives alongside being the firm’s chief executive officer.

Locals, corporations, and organizations in Dallas seek financial assistance from the firm involving commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The company continues to meet and exceed needs of its clients by offering result-oriented solutions to them. NexBank employees are professionals who were sought out from several branches in the baking institution. The workers focus on ensuring that they deliver quality services to customers, which attracts more clients to the firm. The company was formed as a result of a partnership of several individuals including James Dondero. The co-founder also serves NexBank as its chief executive officer alongside being the head of High Capital Management. The financial institution is listed as number 13 and 200 in Texas and the United States respectively.

The Dallas-based company executives are renowned professionals in the banking industry, who previously had top leadership positions in several organizations. Since its establishment, the officials have always been on the forefront in ensuring that the financial institution offers quality advisory services to its clients. The banking firm is approximated to have a monetary value of $6.4 billion and has a charter initiated in 1922. NexBank recently engaged in a philanthropic activity that helped to support women economically and socially. The regional bank donated one hundred dollars to support the Dallas Women’s Foundation during a celebration that marked thirty-two years since their inception. The annual event is set to be held in the late October at a hotel conference hall in Texas.

The Beneficial Health Properties Found in Organo Gold Blends of Coffee and Tea

Over the years, there have been several studies conducted to determine the various effects of drinking coffee. One of the latest studies indicates the consumption of this beverage could actually help lengthen a person’s life. After studying the effects coffee drinking had on almost 200,000 people in America, one conclusion was that it decreased the risk of death in 18 percent of these individuals. This conclusion was based on those people who drank two to three cups of coffee daily. The test was conducted over a period that spanned 16 years and the results were not affected by whether or not the coffee contained caffeine. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is a company that has always promoted the health benefits of drinking coffee. In fact, the blends of coffee they carry are actually made with a mushroom type of ingredient long known in Asian cultures for its beneficial health properties. The properties of the Ganoderma mushroom have been used to enhance everything from skin care products to health supplements. As an all-natural ingredient, it can be added to enhance the health benefits of the coffee blends available through Organo Gold without changing the coffee’s organic structure. This allows the company to offer premium grade coffees that not only taste great, but are also good for the body. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

The line of coffee blends available from Organo Gold are not the only Ganoderma enhanced products they offer. This health conscious company also carries a wide range of teas enhanced with the same beneficial properties as their coffee blends. Shoppers have the option of choosing Ganoderma enhanced tea made with red, green or black leaves. This company’s line of premium coffees also offers several flavorful options, which includes their cafe latte and cafe mocha blends. They even have a delicious gourmet hot cocoa that also contains the health elevating properties of Ganoderma.

Visit: http://corpdev.ogmentorship.com/