Trabuco: The Powerful Ancient Weapon That Served The Purpose Of Today’s Guns

Long before guns and other sophisticated weaponry were developed, the early man had ways of making home-made weapons that almost served the same purposes that today weapons serve. Some of these traditional weapons include the Trabuco, a unique and improved version of a catapult. Even though the weapon was first launched in China, it was widely used in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, as a tool of shooting projectiles more like a shotgun.

A Brief History of Trabuco

Trabuco was a highly useful tool during ancient wars. As early as in 400 BC, the Chinese were using the weapon to advance their warfare with their enemies; maybe this is the reason why the Trabuco is employed in ancient Chinese movies. The Europeans came to embrace the weapon a century after it was invented, with history books capturing 600 AD as the year the first Trabuco was used in a warfare involving the Europeans.

Besides Brazilians and Chinese, the Muslims and Christians living in the countries within the Mediterranean region were using Trabuco in inter-religious war on History records that the weapon had the power to launch weights of up to that of an adult human being. In fact, it is said that people with incurable contagious diseases could be thrown into enemies’ camps using a Trabuco in the hope that they would infect the enemies and probably weaken their soldiers. With a little modification, the Trabuco could lift up to a weight of two human adults and project it at high speed for a horizontal distance of over 800 meters.

The Traction and the Balancing Trabuco

Initially, people were using the Traction Trabuco before it was improved to the Balancing Trabuco. The former was inferior to the later in terms of the horizontal projectile they made according to However, the Traction Trabuco was working at a higher rate than the Balancing Trabuco since it had a smaller extension and a few number of ropes. Secondly, the Traction Trabuco was portable and easy to operate; a single strong man would operate the weapon by himself.

As for the Balancing Trabuco, on the other hand, the weapon was bulky and difficult to operate on It required more than 50 strong men to carry it and at least 15 men to operate it. The advantage of it was that it would throw heavy bodies for long distances.

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Rocketship Charter Schools Are Closing The Gaps In Poor Education

In the basement of a church in San Jose, California, a new school arose. The school is Rocketship Education and they have made incredible steps in the journey of how children learn. They are always open to the idea of change and how change impacts the lives of children who are learning. During their first 10 years, Rocketship has learned a number of things that helps make them better in the end. Here is some of those things they’ve learned:

Learning is Done Not Only In The Classroom

Rocketship earned headlines for the fact that they offer personalized learning. They remain positive that by purposeful integration with technology, it is able to support how students learn as well as to how the student succeeds in school but they also know that the children have to learn outside of the classroom. By bringing the families into the learning process of the student, the student is better able to hold on and retain the information it is learning within the classroom. By bringing the family into the learning process, the parent is also engaged and empowered when it comes to how the student is learning.

Change Requires Demand

Because Rocketship understands the purpose of education, they also understand how tempting the idea is to have a school which offers classes to grades K-12 however they stand firm in the thought of how it will lose the benefit of better education if it expands to 12th grade. By focusing on the younger generation, the children are able to be focused more upon in the younger ages. While expanding is a great idea, they feel that they will lose the ability to engage parents if they expand the ages they serve.

Leadership is Key

By bringing parent leadership programs to the forefront, it helps families to exercise the power to request and demand attention from political figures. It also works to hold those leaders accountable for their actions and to enable high standards from public school systems. Because they only cover ages k-5, the idea is to have parents engaged as well as organizing and advocating for the students.


Tips for Retirees Who Want to Spend Money from David Giertz

A problem often faced by those who saved up a lot of money for retirement is that when they actually retire, they find it hard to start spending their money. After all, they worked all their lives to lead frugal lives, and that is a habit that is hard to break. It is a shame, because the whole reason they saved up money was in order to be able to fully enjoy themselves once they retire.

David Giertz offers some useful tips for seniors. First, you need discipline. This will be different by everyone, because different people have different wants and wishes. Next, you need a retirement plan. This doesn’t just mean setting aside money for the kids. It means planning out activities that you wanted to do your whole life, such as traveling. Next, you need a budget. This way, you will be able to allocate money for pleasures without feeling guilty. Next, you need a cash reserve. Do not invest everything into the stock market. A cash reserve will help you feel more confident and will let you feel okay with spending money on things you like.

David Giertz has a lot of experience with these kinds of issues. He has over three decades of experience as a financial advisor. He headed Nationwide’s sales and distribution department for the United States. He helped them grow and increase sales. He was a financial advisor for CitiGroup for around ten years.

David a coach with the World Association of Business Coaches. He has an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University. He is known to start his day very early so that he can be as productive as possible.


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the National Football League

As most football fans have been aware of for quite some time, Week 1 of National Football League action is almost here. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the NFL Alumni Association, and LabCorp have recently engaged in an awareness campaign for one of the deadliest cancers for men – prostate cancer. The campaign started nearly a week ago, on September 1st, and is lated to run through mid-October. This trio of cancer-beating organizations are funding the the first 2,000 prostate specific antigen screening themselves.

After 2,000 men have received these life-saving screenings, every single person that signs up only has to be $25. Men that have things going on through October 15th are in good shape, as the free screenings and vouchers for discounted ones have a six-month shelf life, allowing them to visit the doctor at their convenience.

While most months and days stand for at least one, if not several kinds of “-days” or “-months,” September is titled by the NFL as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Prostate Pep Talk will be an Internet and television promotional campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer, including the likes of Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, and Dick Vermeil.

There are many LabCorp facilities in the United States of America; with more than 1,750 locations across the nation, there’s certain to be one conveniently located near most people. The test only requires a simple blood drawing.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known around the country as one of the leading medical institutions for treating cancer, with five branches spread throughout all corners of the United States. Often shortened to the initialism CTCA, this organization has its corporate office located in Boca Raton, Florida. Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s hospitals can be found in Phoenix, Arizona; Tulsa, Mississippi; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Indiana.

Lime Crime Adds A Bold Color To The Velvetines Collection

Lime Crime cosmetics has taken the e-commerce makeup world by storm. Although they have only been around for a few years, they have managed to garner tons of attention and have created a devoted fan base. They were made famous for their bright and bold colors that up until their debut, were hard to find. Now they are continuously releasing great new products that allow their customers to more easily express their individuality and play with colors that make them feel beautiful. One of their fan’s favorite types of makeup is lipstick. There is every color one could imagine, and new ones on the way, such as the new Velvetine Lipstick collection. Recently, the company added a new color called Scandal. This color comes with much anticipation and is projected to become a new favorite.

The new hue is Leaping Bunny certified which means it is cruelty-free and is 100% vegan. It is a liquid to matte lipstick that is a deep purple-violet shade. This shade was created by the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. It is a long lasting and rich formula that is designed to stay put all day long.

To apply to lip color properly, the experts at Lime Crime suggest a thin application of lip balm approximately fifteen minutes before lip color application. They suggest a quick wipe to remove the excess lip balm, and then apply the product to the lips with the special lip brush, and then allow it to dry. Removal of the lip color is simply with makeup remover or oil.


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Securus Technologies – Helping Modernize the Prison Facilities and Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies has for years been the number one company in the correctional world, and it has been able to sustain that position because of its focus on innovation and research. The company continues to come up with products that are innovative, efficient, and economical at the same time. Even though the competition is high in the correctional industry, Securus Technologies has been able to dominate the industry for close to three decades. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that it continues to modernize the correctional sphere.


As a leader in the crime prevention and inmate communication field, Securus Technologies has for long been one of the most dominating companies in the prison industry. I have been using its services for nearly a decade and have rarely faced any issues. The company ensures that it continues to update its products and services from time to time to make sure that it doesn’t fall behind the products and services offered by the new companies that are emerging in the correctional sphere. Even after facing heavy competition from other companies for so many years, Securus Technologies has been able to maintain its position at the top as it focuses on innovation as well as keeping the prices of its products and services low.


Whenever I have faced any problems with the inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies, its customer care services has resolved my problems within minutes and hours, without delaying it further. It is not the kind of experience you would have with other companies in the correctional industry as their customer service is not that good, and the bad reviews of other companies regarding poor customer service can be found everywhere on the internet. However, Securus Technologies has emphasized on providing superior customer service from day one and has even won the Gold Stevie Award for the same.

Austin, Texas’ Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers the following anesthesiology services; general anesthesia cause complete stillness and unconsciousness during surgery involving making incisions. Anesthesiologists use a combination of regional and general anesthesia. Regional anesthesia controls the pain of a particular section of the body such as arms, legs, or lower abdomen. Local anesthesia is used to control pain in specific sections of the body on the skin and tissue. Capitol Anesthesiologists also have procedures for pediatric anesthesia. Children need IVs as well as adults. Colds do not postpone surgery. Obstetric anesthesia is the next type of anesthesia that is performed. Capitol Anesthesiology Association additionally offers cardiac anesthesia.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association also works to give to philanthropic organizations such as Austin Smiles, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach, Eels on Wheels, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare, and Partnerships for Children. Physicians are board certified with advanced training in anesthesia techniques. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) work with capable physicians providing appropriate anesthesia techniques. Registered Nurses are trained in anesthesia to work with physicians and CRNAs to provide quality care. Capitol Anesthesiologists are able to provide excellent surgical care with regard to the patient.

Basics Regarding Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a privately operated firm focusing on screening services for adults. The company started by providing their services in Florida before expanding into the entire United States and U.K. By 1998, Lifeline Screening had served over 500, 000 people. Later in 2007, they advanced their screening by adding finger-stick blood tests to their procedures. Finger-stick blood testing screens for cholesterol count, inflammation, and diabetes. The numerous tests have attracted many people who are willing to know their status and make necessary adjustments. Precisely, Lifeline Screening is registered to be performing over 1 million tests on a yearly basis. These are inclusive of electrocardiographs, ultrasound scans, and blood screenings. For more info about us: click here.

Why an Appointment with Lifeline Screening is Worth Every While

Lifeline screening globally appreciated for their dedication to performing preventive health screenings to their patients. Their primary goal is to detect possibilities of life-threatening conditions so that the patient deals with the problem before it intensifies. You have every reason to visit an amenity that helps you prevent risks that could cost your life. In fact, you will only get better because the procedures are non-invasive and painless. The professionals performing screenings are highly informed and use high-end equipment that are similar to those found in hospitals. On the other end are board-certified physicians who interpret the results and share them with your doctor for immediate treatment should the need arise.

Additional Advantages of Visiting Lifeline Screening

Apart from the tests, the company goes on to provide health eNewsletter aimed at helping you manage your lifestyle and minimize health risks. The particular guide has so far helped thousands of people change their lifestyles and focus on their wellness. If you are looking for something that will help you control chronic illnesses or keep them at bay, no doubt Lifeline Screening is the place for you. Their corporate wellness programs are highly informed. In it, they have employee empowerment programs where they provide them with records of their health results. The company’s involvement in intensive medical research maintains them as relevant authorities in the healthcare industry, and particularly in tests.

James Dondero’s Workplace and Biographical History

Highland Capital Management is currently known as one of the United States’ top investment management agencies, headed by president James Dondero. The alternative investment group was founded some twenty-some years ago, in January of 1990. James “Jim” Dondero, alongside business partner Mark Okada, founded Highland Capital Management via a partnership with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Three years later, the group adopted the title Protective Asset Management Company, or PAMCO for short. PAMCO was owned 40% by Dondero and Okada, the remainder belonging to Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The partners bought out the insurance company’s 60% stake in 1997 and changed its name to Ranger Asset Management. In 1998, James Dondero and Mark Okada switched the newly-founded organization’s name to Highland Capital Management.

Prior to Dondero’s time at what came to be known as Highland Capital Management, he was the chief investment officer at GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance Company. From 1989 to 1993, after which the early stages of Highland began to form, Dondero spurred more than two billion dollars’ worth of growth in GIC.

Mr. Dondero jumpstarted his career by studying both accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. While at the Richmond, Virginia postsecondary institution, he was involved in the McIntire Schools of Commerce’s highest honor societies, Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Originally planning to work in industrial accounting, Dondero earned the title of Certified Management Accountant, or CMA. He later went on to work towards the credential of Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA. Dondero was quickly hired on to financial servicer Morgan Guaranty in 1984, immediately contributing to the organization as a financial analyst.

Domestic credit card giant American Express provided him a position in analyzing bonds held by companies and corporations. Mr. James Dondero then fought his way up the workplace ladder, becoming a portfolio manager of an impressive one billion dollars‘ worth of static, passive income for their clients, finally leaving in 1989.

Today, James Dondero serves as the president of NexBank, a institutional banking facility with three locations throughout the Lone Star state, and co-founded the organization some years ago.

Jim Larkin A Historical Figure

James Larkin was really conceived in Liverpool however of Irish guardians; he was brought up in destitution and got minimal formal training. Constrained into easygoing work as a youngster, he had by his twenties discovered consistent work in the city’s docks.

It was fundamentally from his own involvement of hardship that he gained his deep rooted sense of duty regarding progressive communism, the pulverization of private enterprise, scorn of misuse and solid character with the underprivileged. He at first rose to unmistakable quality amid a dock strike in 1905 and the next year was welcome to end up plainly full-time coordinator of the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL).

Sent to Belfast in 1907, he was the primary individual to endeavor to compose its incompetent work drive. He set up a union branch which nearby managers looked to break by methods for a lockout and a biting question took after (May-November 1907). It finished when the NUDL pioneers achieved a settlement over his head.

In 1908 Larkin was sent to Dublin to prepare port specialists there in any case, feeling deceived by occasions in Belfast and restless to break free from British exchange unionism, he set up his own particular union, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

Inside three years it had turned into Ireland’s biggest and most aggressor union and he himself had turned into the question of laborers’ worship. He was a moving speaker, physically effective, and energetic in his endeavors for the benefit of his specialists. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Looking for to enhance their working conditions as well as to reestablish their confidence, he bolstered approaches that advanced social fairness and equity and supported social and social accomplishment. He leased convenience in Clontarff and procured Liberty Hall in 1912 as the union’s home office. In 1911, he built up a week after week daily paper.

Then the ITGWU had prevailing with regards to sorting out all the untalented work in the capital separated from the Corporation, the building exchange, Guinness’ Brewery and the Dublin United Tramway Company (DUTC). Larkin’s encounter with the DUTC accelerated the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

The scene demonstrated his fearlessness maybe more than his judgment, and showed the hasty and erratic side of his inclination. Annihilation crushed his union.

In October 1914, he cleared out for the US to raise assets to reconstruct it. While there he contradicted American passage into World War I, acclaimed the Russian upheaval and was detained for very nearly three years amid the ‘red frighten’ (1919) preceding being expelled in 1923.

In spite of his strenuous endeavors Jim Larkin never recaptured his before mastery of the Irish work development. His militancy prompted his ejection from the union he had established yet he was on two events chose to the Dail. He passed on in 1947