How Does Marc Sparks Help People Like Me With The Spark Tank?

The Spark Tank is a program that I was pleased to be a part of because it brought attention to my company, and I was allowed to learn something from Marc and all the people around the program itself. This article explains how I was able to change my brand by working inside the Spark Tank, getting feedback and learning about how to manage my company correctly.

Everyone who wants to learn more about striking out into business on their own must ensure they have taken the time to learn about Marc Sparks.

#1: The Spark Tank Supported Many Of Us

There were quite a lot of people who applied, and I got to know the people who were in the program with me. It was nice to know them, and I liked getting along with the because they gave me a reason to believe that may ideas would do just as well as theirs. I know that I was not the only person who was working in the program, but I got enough attention to feel like I mattered.

#2: We Were Voted On

We were put out there where the public could vote on our products, and I am glad to know that I was seen by many more people because of it. I was contacted by many people who found me through the program, and we talked often about how impressed they were with me because of what they saw in the program.

I felt good about how that looked for my company, and I wanted to know that I could be successful on my own with just a bit of free press. I was proven right because of what Marc Sparks was able to do.

#3: Managing My Business

The business that I run must be managed in a particular way, and I believe it is quite important that everyone learns from a master. Marc has been a mentor to me and many others, and we are all learning how to keep our businesses in the proper condition using his governance tactics. It is nice to know that we have better options because of Marc Sparks, and I have learned quite a lot under him.

Everyone who takes part in the Spark Tank will be pleased to know they are getting the finest mentoring in the industry. Marc Spark is a genius who must be commended for his work.

Beauty Blogger Gives Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner a Trial Run

Everyone loves new beauty products, and considering all the buzz about the new Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz, Emily McClure decided to give the product a trial run and document her personal results. By writing a “Bustle” article, “I Used Cleansing Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened,”, Ms. McClure takes us through a week in the life of her experience using cleaning conditioner in place of her normal shampoo. Her hair is finely textured and tends to accumulate oil during the day. She bravely let Bustle readers in via on a visual tour of her experience, showing her locks looking shiny, bouncy, and fabulous but also including what she called “the epitome of a bad hair day”.

During her trail run with Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner, the first thing Emily noticed is that the directions instructed to use considerably more of the Wen product than she did with her regular shampoo; however, the Wen product is meant to replace shampoo, conditioner, and styling product so that was not too surprising.

She loved the way her hair looked after the first shampoo; however, when she went to work the next day without showering again, she noticed her hair lost its bounce and felt greasy. She went through the week with basically the same results, except that she did get quite a few compliments on her Twitter photo of her shiny, manageable hair when she used the product immediately before going out for the evening. Her results were mixed throughout the week, depending on the length of time between showers.

Ms. McClure’s conclusion was that the product worked great on her oily, fine, hair as long as she shampooed early and often. Showering the night before while using the product did not work well for her particular hair type. Need Wen? Order online directly from the website or the official Chaz Dean store (


Andrea McWilliams: Trusted Political Fundraiser

Andrea McWilliams is a political fundraiser and lobbyist. She is known for her grace, patience, persuasive personality, and skills at being a strategist. She works in both the private and public sectors, being featured on national media networks like Newsweek, CNN, NPC, BBC, FOX News, and USA Today. She has been profiled in many Texas publications for her role as a national political commentator, having been distinguished as “consigliore to the powerful and political” by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

She has won the 2016 Texas Businesswomen of the Year Finalist award and the “Profiles in Power” award given by the Austin Business Journal. Andrea McWilliams has also been given the “Woman of Distinction” award by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas and the “Austin Under 40” award. She has even received the Austin Fashion Week’s “Style Setter” award for her dedication to working for local nonprofit organizations.

Andrea McWilliams became a Chief of Staff at just 21. She moved on to work at the public relations company Public Strategies, Inc. to hone her private sector skills. She co-founded McWilliams, alongside her husband Dean. McWilliams is a full-service firm of governmental affairs consultants. Andrea McWilliams and her husband Dean combined their talents to form a firm that has been trust on local, state, and national levels.

McWilliams was raised just steps away from the Texas Capitol, where she and her husband currently live. She has always been invested in the community, having served on the boards of many organizations like HeartGift, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, and Austin Children in Crisis. She has been named to the “All-Stars” list for Austin American Statesman Fortunate 500. Andrea McWilliams was also once the President of an organization that works to preserve Austin’s past, Inherit Austin. Andrea McWilliams has been a representative for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer.

Fabletics Using amazon’s Techniques To Sell In Stores

The Fabletics brand was started by Kate Hudson as a platform to sell the casual wear that started the athleisure movement. The company has taken on techniques from Amazon because they know it is one of the most-successful Internet brands in existence, and they are using the ideas that helped the company start their own stores. This article explains how Fabletics will open over 100 stores in North America using the reverse showroom technique that was made popular by Amazon.


#1: What Is The Reverse Showroom?


The reverse showroom is a concept that was used by Amazon because their customers knew what was available on their site. They came to the store ready to buy things they were familiar with, and they would continue to purchase from either the site or the store because of the comfort level they have with them. Fabletics is using the same principle because they will help customers come into retail stores having shopped on the website in the past.


#2: Coordinating The Fabletics Account


Fabletics offers customers an account that may be used online or in the store to ensure they are given a record of all the things they have purchase. The customer may charge items to the payment information on their account, and they may do so in both locations. Customers may check the state of their wardrobe when they are using their account, and the staff in the store will use the customer’s information to make suggestions. The customers who know the company from the website will have a much better shopping experience.


#3: What Do They Sell?


Fabletics sells casual clothing that may be worn to the gym or on the town. It was created by Kate Hudson to ensure all her customers could have an active lifestyle while still looking good. She offers women the opportunity to dress for taking their children to school, going to the store and going to the gym in a stylish way. Women who are quite concerned with how they look will find clothing through the company that fits their body, and they will enjoy wearing something every day that flatters their figure.


#4: How Are The Clothes Designed?


Many of the designs are done by Kate Hudson herself, and she ensures the brand is authentic for working women. She wishes to give them something that is easy to wear,a nd she offers women the opportunity to feel good about themselves in everything from a sports bra and tights to swimwear. The line has expanded over the years to include many different things, and their stores will host all the clothing on their site and extras made just for stores.


The reverse showroom concept that has been used to make Fabletics popular will help their retail stores succeed. They offer the customers a much better experience, and they will show their customers that the relationship they have with them is far more important than the bottom line. each trip to a new Fabletics store will result in amazing looks for each customer.


Career Achievements of Dr. Walden


Jennifer Walden is a Texas native who specializes in plastic surgery. She also acts as a consultant, a media commentator and an academician. Jennifer Walden is known for her attention to details when dealing with her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas where she specialized in biology. She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch for her medical degree. She undertook her residency at the same institution and later on worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for several years. She was mentored by Dr. Sherrell Aston who still has a lot of influence in her life.


Over the years, she has received numerous award for her prowess in the field of plastic surgery. In 2015, she was recognized by the American Way with The Best Plastic Surgeons in America Award. As a consultant, Dr. Walden is involved with several aesthetic companies such as Sciton Inc., Venus Concept, ThermiAesthetics and Ideal Implant. Her opinions about plastic surgery have featured on several platforms such as VH1, Fox News, and ABC News. Dr. Walden is a published author of a book called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery alongside other authors.


Jennifer Walden is a mother of two boys.

Highland Capital Among Top Investment Firms

Highland Capital Management is among the most recognized financial services companies in the world. It is based in Dallas, Texas and has a number of office locations throughout the world. As of today, Highland Capital Management has offices in New York City, Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil and Seoul South Korea. With its numerous office locations, it has been able to establish a considerable presence in the world. One of the things that has made Highland Capital among the top investment firms in the world is its ability to manage credit and debt backed securities. With collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital established itself as one of the leading financial services firms when it comes to helping investors more efficiently manage debt and credit.

When the firm began, it was originally a life insurance company. It was founded by longtime finance professionals James Dondero and Mark Okada. After spending a number of years working in the finance industry, Dondero and Okada decided to put together a company that would offer life insurance policies to both individuals and businesses. In its short history, the firm was able to establish itself as a trusted and dependable provider of life insurance policies. With its success, the firm would be able to consistently rank among the top insurance providers in North America. However, it realized that there was a growing demand for more comprehensive financial services. Therefore, it looked to expand on its current line of financial products and services.

During the 1990’s Highland Capital would begin offering a wider range of financial services. It would begin offering products such as hedge funds and private equity securities. It would also begin providing a wide range of other services such as asset management, wealth management, and financial advisory services. Over the last several years, Highland Capital would provide some of the most useful and beneficial financial services for both individual and institutional investors. As of today, Highland Capital Management provides comprehensive financial services to individuals, government agencies, pension fund investors and corporations. With its assistance, a number of these clients are often in position to more efficiently manage their capital and increase their investment returns.

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Successful Businesswoman, Susan McGalla, Shares Her Career With Young Women

Susan McGalla has worked her way to the top of several retail corporations, and she explains that she never had to push her ideas or feminity to get there. She simply made her point and moved forward as she was entitled. Ms. McGalla is an executive consultant and businesswoman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla established her career as president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and CEO of Wet Seal Inc.


Her retail and marketing career began at Joseph Horne Company where she worked from 1986 until 1994 in several management positions. Later in 1994, Ms. Galla began as the merchandise buyer for women’s clothing at American Eagle Outfitters. This was a male-dominated company when she started, so it was a spectacular promotion when she became the president and CMO. Susan had worked in many of the management positions, and after being president of a smaller retail store to the president and CMO of the entire company.  Check this on


The years she spent as president of American Eagle, Ms. Susan McGalla launched the aerie and 77kids brands, which were tremendous successes. She established her people skills and other talents along with her unique method of management.


American Eagle had a history of being predominantly male with no women in executive positions, but this bias posed no problems for Susan who came from a family of males. It was in her DNA to hassle with the male population, and she simply took it for granted as she worked.

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Her desire was for a true culture change actually occurred as she worked between the years of 200-2010 as she rose in position at American Eagle. She lived that change within the company. As a consultant for leaders in finance, she offers a unique insider’s perspective on the world of retail.

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Wengie’s Everday Wonders


There are a ton of items we come across every day that have hidden secrets we have been missing all this time! Why doesn’t the king of hearts in a deck of cards have a mustache as all the kings of the other suits have? Did you even notice that the king of hearts was sans mustache?


Whimsical Wengie has a new video just released to YouTube that demystifies 15 hidden secrets of everyday objects that no one seems to be catching. All of us have been to a movie or two in our time. One heads to the film early to find a seat so they can enjoy the trailers before the film starts. I will place a bet that the majority of Wengie subscribers never wondered why they are called “trailers” when they come BEFORE the film. A “trailer” is something that trails at the end. Begin to wonder why that is now, then wonder no more as Wengie found out that movie trailers actually DID come after the film was over. Sadly, no one stayed for the trailers after the movie ended, so they started putting them at the beginning.


From a secret hiding in the line where one signs their checks to the fact that “sugar-free mints” actually contain sugar, Wengie has incredible secrets you did not know you wanted to know!

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Importance of Passion in Success with Josh Verne

There is an old saying that goes old is gold. This is true especially when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. Those people that have been in the business for long are in a position to advise the young willing to venture into new businesses. One such investor is Josh Verne and has been investing for over 20 years now. He specializes in building businesses and later selling them. Some of the successful businesses that he has been involved with include and


Some few months ago, Josh Verne talked to Knowledge for men about tips that can make someone succeed in life. Below is a summary of what he had to say. Josh says one should practice being a leader rather than being a boss. A boss does not respect other people but instead demands them to respect him/her. On the other hand, a leader respects his/her subjects, and they respect him/her in return.

Josh Verne then talked about the importance of listening more and speaking less. According to Josh Verne, we get to learn a lot by listening rather than speaking. He attributes this to the fact that we have two ears and one mouth. He also talks about the importance of having a balanced life. This calls for progress in any aspect of your life such as relationship, spiritually and economically. Finally, he talks about the importance of developing a passion and how it is associated with success. Josh Verne loves to read and one of his favorite books at the moment is made in America.


The Union between Technology and Fashion: Perhaps the Best Ever between Any Two Industries

We may need to tom through the pages of history to ascertain if there had ever been a better rewarding union between any other two industries besides technology and fashion. As much as i could, i have made my research but could not find something close let alone better than what the union between technology and fashion is offering and will offer our world.


Before dwelling on the topic, it is important we give honor to those that deserve it. These are men and women who have been pointing our attention to this most rewarding union even when no one counted it important. Chris Burch is the first among these fellows that comes to mind.


Here is an unusual entrepreneur. I am still at sea trying to know how he acquired his business acumen as early as in his teens to have made millions of dollars in profit before he was through with college. He inherited no dine but started small and rose exponentially in no time. He never kept his success secrets to himself; he generously shares it with anyone that cares to listen. Who will not listen to a man with proofs? I became his fan after reading one of his write-ups.


Mr Burch is not only a success in the fashion industry, he also made his marks in both technology and real estate. Almost every business adventure he embarked upon turned out a monumental success. The Burch Creative Capital, which he currently manages is one of the top companies in the United State with an intimidating brand of portfolio.


The coming together of technology and fashion has always result in an outcome better than the previous. The only time the current invention becomes obsolete is when another better invention takes the center stage. It has been an upward trend or one in the positive direction. For instance,music lovers in the 70s were blessed with the boom box, so they can carry along their favorite tunes wherever they went. By the 90s, the Walkman became the toast of the music world. Everybody fell in love with it as it offered a personal music experience never witnessed before then. It lasted only a decade in the hearts of people because the iPod emerged to steal the heart of all with its potability and irresistible look.


The world keep witnessing unprecedented inventions and discoveries by reasons of this union; the list increases by the day. We now have cloths that make use of movement to produce kinetic energy useful in powering appliances like mp3 and watch, all manners of inventions. Indeed,the world has never seen a better union of industries with such amazing results as the one between technology and fashion.