Ryan Seacrest Health and Fitness Management

Ryan Seacrest is well known as a pop-culture enthusiast, producer of America’s local television and radio shows, and host of American Idol. He can also be recognized from the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve by Dick Clark. However, few will know him as the heaviest boy from Dunwoody, GA, who kept wearing his shirt at the community pool to cover his overweight body or the kid that ate cookies and nachos without the consent of his mother. He is currently known as the slim guy who acquired success through hard work and commitment. Ryan manages his health and fitness the same way he handles his career.

Ryan Seacrest managed to lose his childhood weight that instilled a sense of confidence into all the aspects of his life. His personality secured him a position on television and radio shows with millions of followers from the country and beyond. Today, fitness is an important activity and routines in his life and managing his health assists him in relieving stress. Being very busy with his career, Mr. Seacrest schedules his workout sessions like formal business meetings to make sure they are not cancelled. He works out every day of the week to keep up with all the moving parts of his body. Exercising on a daily basis also makes him more productive.

As he mentioned on his Facebook account, he has two lockers in Los Angeles where he keeps his exercising gears. He often exercises in between shows without the need of going to the gym or at home. Ryan Seacrest goal is spending five hours in the gym for a whole week. He balances the right exercises with the right diets. Having worked out with many trainers, his favorite exercise are core workouts and circle workouts. He also swims on a weekly basis during the weekends. Ryan Seacrest likes vegetable juices and crunchy snacks.

Ryan Seacrest, the owner of Distinction, is a philanthropist too. He founded The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a charitable organization focused on encouraging the youth through entertainment and initiatives that are based on education. The organization is also focused on encouraging medical treatments by developing media centers with pediatric hospitals for patients.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho Knows Brazilian Divorce Law

Brazil is a great place to visit and live whether you’re planning on staying for the short-term for only a few months to a year, or looking at a long-term stay or possibly citizenship. Often overlooked when planning such a stay in Brazil are there laws which for business dealings and even personal matters can get a little complex. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can vouch for that as he’s recently litigated a messy divorce case for a client. In this particular case, one party making a claim for certain assets was denied that claim because an investigation determined their current living situation did not meet the criteria established by Brazilian law. Moving to Brazil can bring on challenges like this, and that’s why you want to have nationally-recognized attorneys like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho representing you there.

For Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, his law career spans over 30 years practicing largely in the corporate and finance areas, but he also has been a key advisor to various Brazilian government officials and the nation’s electoral authorities. He received his bachelor’s in law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and his master’s from the Armando Alveres Penteado Foundation. At the outset of his career, he worked for Grupo Rede, a major investment and corporate holdings firm as an HR advisor and legal counsel. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho then started taking on more cases working out of a small office in São Paulo.

But then he teamed up with Zanon de Paula Barros and a group of lawyers to form the Leite, Tosto and Barros law firm where he serves as managing partner.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has won a lot of cases pertaining to banking, credit, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and labor disputes. He’s an editor for several law journals and has been featured on Who’s Who Legal and the Analise 500 publication. He’s a member not only of the Brazilian Bar but also the International Bar Association, and he serves as a senior advisor to a public policy institute in Switzerland. He’s also co-author of the book “O Proceso de Tiradentes.”

Jeunesse Global Product Beauty Products Distribution

When it comes to youthful skin, a multi-pronged approach is needed. Topical applications of protective and corrective formulas are needed along with proper nutrition. The team at Jeunesse Global appears to understand the importance of this strategy with their Y.E.S. (Youth Enhancement System) products.

Jeunesse Global, a health and beauty direct-selling company, was founded in 2009. They have a global distribution model that relies on an online platform. The company has received over 30 awards for its rapid growth and its sales have recently reached into billions of dollars. There are both business minds and health minds in the Jeunesse team, which explains their continued growth.

Y.E.S. involves multiple skin care products and regimens, along with several supplements. Two of the most interesting products available through Jeunesse are Naära™ and Luminesce™ Ultimate Lifting Masque. Naära™ contains TruMarine™ Collagen. This ingredient has been shown to reduce signs of aging skin in four weeks, in some cases. The drinkable supplement also contains eight superfruits: tangerine, açai berry, pomegranate, acerola, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, and grape seed. Superfruits are known for their antioxidant properties. A blend of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals fills out the ingredient list of Naära™. It is not a vegan or vegetarian blend, as it contains seafood elements. Collagen decreases in the human body with age. Naära™ was designed to replace that collagen, thus improving the appearance of skin. The recommended dosage is one packet mixed with water per day.

The Luminesce™ Ultimate Lifting Masque has exfoliating, cleansing, and hydrating functions. After washing the face, the mask is to be applied and left on for 15-20 minutes. At that point, the mask is peeled off and a warm water rinse is used to remove any lingering product. The mask contains APT-200™, which is intended to promote tighter, more youthful skin. The company recommends following the mask with their Cellular Rejuvenating Serum.


Robert Deignan’s Search for Excellence

Robert Deignan was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Upon graduation from St Thomas Aquintas High School he was accepted and attended at the prestigious Purdue University. While fulfilling his athletic grant he received a BS in Business Management. In 1997-1998 Deignan did brief stints with both the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins, however soon realized that his path to success was through the business world.

Often called the “start-up wiz” Robert Deignan co-founded Fanlink, Inc. In 2002 he accepted the position of Executive Vice-President with iS3, Inc. Highly motivated to succeed he went on to co-found and become CEO of ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Services has become certified by AppEsteem. This means ATS Digital Services uses applications, software and other services which is completely safe for all users. ATS Digital is the first call center to receive this certification and it is an impressive accomplishment. Many of the 39 compliance milestones had been met prior to the certification. This is credited to Robert Deignan’s diligence and leadership which is focused on the client.

ATS Digital Services provides technical support for all types of users. The company services around the globe since 2011. ATS offers services to help with your laptop or desktop. Through remote access the services to help are just a phone call away. If you have a need which requires physical work you can request a professional be sent to your home to assist with installation of a smart technology system, mount a TV or install a complicated speaker system. They also have experts in the field of Cellular repairs, set and activation. If your tablet stops working you can make a phone call and have it corrected in a matter of minutes with the help of one of their technicians.

ATS, under the guidance of Robert Deignan, wants the customer to know that ATS Digital delivers the very best tools in the hands of the very best professional service people available. Deignan is committed to doing what is best and right for the customer, making life easier for the client. Technology is Robert Deignan’s passion and he realizes how clients can sometimes become frustrated with the changes and constant education needed to maintain their own devices. Consumer friendly operations and practices are a focus at ATS Digital.


Industry Legend Clay Hutson Joins Soul2Soul

The second leg of the Soul2Soul World Tour by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill just got boosted by Clay Hutson hopping in as the tour rigger. The second leg will kick off on May 31st in Richmong, Virginia. It will feature Caitlyn Smith as its opening act among other artistes such as Brothers Osborne, Seth Ennis, Devin Dawson, Margo Price, NEEDTOBREATHE, Margo Price among others.




Clay Hutson commented by commending Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for putting on an awesome show in the first leg. He added that it would be an honor to be part of the tour team in the second leg. The first leg was from April 2017 to December 2017 and featured 70 sold-out concerts. The tour was then extended following public demand.




Clay Hutson is a legend in the arena of live performances. He wears several hats acting as a stage manager, a sound engineer and a tour producer. He is known for aiding in putting on live performances and that everything ticks in front of the audience. He has worked with big names such as P!nk, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson ,and Kid Rock.




He started out 20 years ago working in Billy Graham’s sound team as a sound engineer. He later followed his passion for rock ‘n’ roll and set up his tent in the music industry. He has traversed several continents such as Europe, Australia ,and North America in a bid to help some of the greatest names in world music put on their best shows before their audiences.




Clay Hutson attributes his success to his hard work mantra. His goal is to always be the most hard working guy in an event. He ensures that he goes over his work over and over again to ensure that the quality of the show is not compromised. He is also a rigorous planner and he ensures that every listed task is accomplished. Clay also ensures that he is up-to-date with the advancements in technology and that have adverse effects on the industry. This also ensures that his customers are satisfied. He knows that artistes appreciate the effort that is put into their stage shows and this grows his reputation in the music business. He admits that many of his clients are from word of mouth from past customers who were impressed by his services. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/clayton-hutson/


Tips For Business Noobies With Paul Herdsman

Without any ado, here are a few ways to boost one’s chances of being a successful entrepreneur. All fledgling and prospective businesspeople should keep in mind, even though the United States is home to the single greatest economy, is that failing to regularly improve one’s chances of success by building their character and good habits can often – it goes without saying – raises their chances of failure.

Co-founder and COO of NICE Global and ATS Digital COO and Co- Founder, Paul Herdsman provided The Bro Talk, a popular site that focuses on real-world tips, strategies, and tricks that successful entrepreneurs share during interviews with the site’s editors, with twelve key things to regularly do as a prospective entrepreneur ((Read; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman).

Though they’re not all listed or important as one another, regularly engaging in most of them is a surefire way of promoting one’s chances of success in the world of commerce.


Steer Away From Doing Things You Don’t Love

Virtually everybody is familiar with hearing a teacher, parent, family member, or elder peer talk about how much better working in a field that genuinely interests them is better than being employed in the same field just for money. Paul Herdsman strongly urges entrepreneurs to get involved in businesses they actually card about – not just to make money.


Be Risky, But Not Too Risky

Don’t be so risky, says Paul Herdsman, that one day of failing to reach a sales quota could result in you losing your home’s mortgage or wife’s financed vehicle. However, Paul Herdsman shares that he feels being risky is important, as long as your risks are well-calculated and have a reasonably good probability of resulting in substantial rewards.


Pay Team Members Well

Never pay employees you aren’t interested in more than they deserve. However, workers that do share similar mindsets with you, care about your business as a whole and not just about their performance and find it easy to get along with you are ones you want to keep around.

Paul Herdsman believes that paying these people more, giving your finances are supportive of doing such, is a great idea.


Read more about his interview on https://ideamensch.com/paul-herdsman/

National Steel Car: Commemorating The Victims Of The First And The Second World War

The National Steel Car is considered as one of the most resilient companies in Canada. The company managed to endure the Great Depression, and it also survived two World Wars. The company, being established in 1912, is a witness to the two devastating wars that killed millions of people. During the First World War, the National Steel Car assisted in the war efforts by manufacturing weapons and other war paraphernalia that was used by the government of Canada. The National Steel Car also sent some of their employees to the war, with some unable to come back alive. The sacrifice that the employees made were commemorated by the company, and their colleagues celebrated their heroism.



When the Second World War erupted, the National Steel Car was reeling from the effects of the Great Depression. The government of Canada once again commanded the National Steel Car to redirect all of their products and focus on the creation of weapons and war vehicles. Several employees of the National Steel Car also had to enlist in the military to fight the enemies. Some of those who were sent overseas to fight never made it back alive. The two global conflicts have claimed the lives of some of the most hardworking people who were employed by the National Steel Car, and their colleagues could not do anything but to offer prayers and to remember their workmates who have died from the wars. Go To This Page for more information.



After the Second World War, the National Steel Car managed to gain a little profit, until Dofasco bought them in the 1960s. The National Steel Car will be under the ownership of Dofasco until they decided to sell them in1994 to a wealthy man named Gregory James Aziz. The new owner of the National Steel Car also served as the company’s president, chairman, and CEO. Upon learning about the dark history of the National Steel Car, James Aziz immediately advised the people that he has been working with to establish a memorial for these people who have sacrificed their lives for the benefit of many.


Gregory James Aziz is a compassionate business owner, and he is loved by the employees working for the National Steel Car because of the treatment that he is providing the people. Gregory James Aziz also stated that he would be doing everything to provide his employees with the benefits that they need, and he will be after their welfare.


More on: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/gregaziz

Political And Economic Concerns Drive The Work Of End Citizens United

At one point in the early years of the Presidency of Barrack Obama it appeared as though the Republican Party was about to break up under the weight of the many faultlines which had appeared over the course of the Bush Presidency only for the GOP to return to power in the nation’s capital like a phoenix rising from the flames. Part of the success the Republican Party has been enjoying during the current decade can be laid firmly at the feet of the Supreme Court which made the decision to reverse a federal ruling regarding the Citizens United decision in 2010.

The End Citizens United PAC was created in 2015 to ensure the problems created by the Citizens United decision remained high on the list of the American public in the coming years; in a bid to make sure the decision was reversed, End Citizens United worked with the campaign funding reform-friendly Democrats during the 2016 Presidential election and in the buildup to the 2018 Midterms to create a brighter future for the American public in the face of more funding arriving for Republicans from special interest groups.

Just why does End Citizens United believe the U.S. political system has been broken by the Citizens United decision? This is a common question and to answer it one simply needs to look at the economic success being enjoyed by some of the wealthiest people in the U.S. who have close ties to the Republican wing of politics. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos married one of the leaders of the AmWay Group and has been building her success in terms of her role in the U.S. public school system since the arrival of the Citizens United decision in U.S. politics.

Aligning themselves with members of the Democratic Party has become a major part of the story of End Citizens United as Tiffany Muller created a pledge explaining the needs of the traditional PAC to remain consistent with no special interest funding allowed for those associated with End Citizens United. In 2016, as the U.S. Presidential elections approached only three Democrats signed the agreement. The changing tide of support for End Citizens United has resulted in more than 70 Democrats already in office or challenging for a seat in the 2018 Midterms signing the pledge and refusing the assistance of dark money groups.

About End Citizens United: thehill.com/social-tags/end-citizens-united

Alex Pall opens up to Interview magazine on their identity

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two DJs who met at a time when both of them were considering to explore the world of electronic dance music fully. They wasted no time in getting to work, producing hits like “Don’t let me down” and “Roses.” With their new single “Closer” which features Halsey, the duo diverges from their traditional beat making style and collaborating vocalists to including Andrew in the vocals. Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview magazine had a chance to speak to the Chainsmokers about their new song, identity and their evolution plans.

Alex Pall says that he knew they would work out from the moment they met each other because of their shared dream and drive. They took time to learn and understand the electronic music trends and used this knowledge to shape their identity. They worked hard on a daily basis to define their identity and become better artists for their growing audience.

According to Pall, singing on their songs is part of taking an active role in their work. He says even though they have always been involved in the song composition process by guiding songwriters and sometimes chipping in the writing process, “Closer” was a new experience for them. Andrew being part of the vocals is a step towards diversifying their identity. He tells Mathias that Halsey is an incredible artist whose voice fascinates him and working with her was one of their priorities.

Alex says he owes it to social media platforms that have helped them get to know the type of people that connect with their music and interact with them. It is exciting for them to know that their music is acknowledged internationally and it cuts across different age groups.

The DJ who grew up in New York admits that the electronic music scene is ever changing and growing. It requires one to try out new concepts to remain relevant and at the top. The duo performs their songs live and are thinking of new visual and creative ideas to add into their performance element like mixing videos of their live shows with their DJ show.


Trade in the Highs and Lows, Advises Stansberry Research

Resource markets are known for their cyclical trends, going through big ‘booms and busts’ a fact that makes people shy away from them. However, if invested at in the right way and at the right time, people can reap big and diversify their assets. There are some things to keep in mind according to Stansberry Research before thinking about the resource sector.

The sector works like free markets where each time supply and demand get out of hands the markets respond to create an equilibrium (Bloomberg). That is, if supply is scarce in relation to demand, prices will rise which will attract new capital for those in search of profit leading to more production increasing the supply as prices fall to reach an equilibrium. In most markets, producers make these changes constantly, but in the resource sector, it takes some time.

Stansberry Research found out that this is because the sector is time-and-capital-intensive and starting a venture such as drilling a well, a mine or a farming operation takes a lot of capital and time.

Producers do not stop producing when prices fall based on their big investments. This increases the supply and demand imbalances that take longer leading to high price swings on both extremes not seen in other markets. Buying a commodity following a considerable bust and when prices are low is one of the best ways to make a fortune in the future.

Stansberry Research recommends coffee as it is currently at low prices. They quote two times in the past when coffee rose by 45% in 10 months in 2015 when it had low prices, and in 2014 when coffee prices rose 92% in just 11 months. They believe a similar gain can be achieved within the next year in the coffee sector. They think marijuana is the next big trading opportunity pending legal battles.

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland-based investment research company offering its subscribers financial information and software. It provides markets briefings on investments opportunities in the global market, commodity markets, currency, and updates on world stock markets. Its weekly publications focus on financial and economic strategies and opinion on individual markets, gold, oil and the dollar markets.