The Chainsmokers bring unique message with ‘Sick Boy’

American DJ group The Chainsmokers brought forth new music in early 2018 with the release of “Sick Boy.” The latest song achieved top 10 success on the Billboard charts in Norway and Sweden. In addition, it reached gold and platinum accreditation via ARIA, showing that these talented music makers are here to stay. The song was considered a dark departure from previous music from the duo, featuring a message they felt needed to be express.

The DJ duo consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart who have now been producing music for over two years. Their hits have included the Grammy-winning track “Don’t Let Me Down” by Darya and “Closer” with Halsey, as well as the song “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay. While those songs are generally upbeat in nature, the group’s new song “Sick Boy” is considered darker than what The Chainsmokers have put out before.

During an interview with Forbes, Taggart mentioned that the song is basically a reflection of what they go through as artists and what people go through in this new generation. He said they generally become caricatures of what people think they are based on what has been said about them. Taggart said that he and Pall needed to express the anger and frustration they felt over this, which led to the creation of “Sick Boy.”

He also brought up the notion of the current generation that is growing up relying on social media such as Instagram. Taggart said he is hoping that maybe people will connect with the ideas they’re expressing in their new songs regarding the effects that being attached to social media can have. That includes being overly concerned with clicking “Like” or reacting to posts and checking how popular one is on a social media platform. The group seems to have the hope that their message will spread and get individuals to recognize how they really relate to the world around them.

While The Chainsmokers are relatively young in the music world, they have achieved massive success in just two years. That trend seems as if it will continue as they continue to experiment with new themes and collaborate with more artists. The group released three songs after “Sick Boy” including “Everybody Hates Me” and “Somebody” featuring Drew Love. It looks like the American DJ group will continue speaking their unique messages through their music as fans consume their latest creations.

Supplement News Coming from Elysium Health

Elysium Health is building a reputation through rigorous research and thorough development of supplements. The New York-based health company is  working to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work. The company was co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente in 2014. The company partners with scientists from prominent academic institutions such as the University of Oxford, Harvard University, and the University of Cambridge.

Elysium Health’s first product is called Basis. This supplement is proven to  to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions, including circadian rhythms, DNA health, and energy creation. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline naturally.

A double-blind, randomized clinical trial for Basis took place in 2016. The study involved 120 subjects, who were divided into three equal groups. Group one took two capsules of Basis, which is the recommended daily dose of the supplement. Group two took four capsules of the supplement, which is double the recommended daily dose of Basis. Group three took a placebo. The results of the trial showed that taking the recommended daily dose of Basis increased levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent over the course of several weeks.

You have options when it comes to how you will receive your Basis subscription. You can order it for just one month to try it out, but that will cost you more money than if you purchase it for an extended period of time. The most popular option at the moment is the six-month plan. That gets you enough Basis to really make an impact while at the same time lowers your per unit cost. Check it out, along with all of the need-to-know facts about Basis on the Elysium Health’s website today.

Adam Milstein –Loving his Indigenous Roots

Adam Milstein is one man who believes in the beauty and intense relationship of the Jewish people living in the Diaspora. He states that the vast Jews history always teaches the power of being a great leader and ways of overcoming the numerous challenges that face their different countries. Israel has suffered dramatically with various problems and the most recent one being of the campaign Divestments and Sanctions seeking to eradicate and also eliminate the Israel state and making it waged worldwide. The BDS primary agenda is dividing the Diaspora Jewish families by putting a big wedge hence separating the connection glue and especially to the American Jewish Community.

He stated that the extreme challenges facing the Jewish community demand the need for instant action from the significant leaders who reside in the Diaspora. He calls upon the American Jewish Community to identify and also give strong support to people like Gurion Ben, Anielewicz Mordechai, Mickey Marcus, Henrietta Szold, and Golda Meir. According to Author Adam Milstein, these are leaders with the ability to rise and give protection to the future of Jewish communities in America. They have the power to inspire and also engage the young generation with facts and the real history of their homeland and always remind them of Israel as their home with their character and support.

Adam Milstein left Israel in 1982 after serving his country as an IDF through the great war of Yom Kippur. He studied at Technion in Israel in 1978 and graduated and moved on to USC after relocating to the US and acquired his master’s degree. Adam manages Hager Pacific Properties using his expertise in overseeing property dispositions, property management, and firms financing. Adam Milstein boasts of being holding fast to his native Israel roots and plays a significant role in American Jewish community.

Philanthropists whose primary aim is helping the Jewish people and State by giving support to different organizations aimed at building the strength of Israel people. Adam and Gila Milstein organization is a family foundation of Adam Milstein that foresees their philanthropist’s activities. The Adam Milstein family lives in Encino California and the authors the well known times of the Israel blog.

Steps Jason Hope Has Taken In Helping People to Stay and Look Younger

Although some people are successful entrepreneurs and investors, it doesn’t mean that all are philanthropists. Being a philanthropist means you have the willingness to use your resources to help achieve their goals in life or upgrade their living standards. Some of the successful investors won’t have peace when they haven’t helped a needy situation or needy individuals. It doesn’t matter the distance they would have to cover to make the need met but they would meet it anyway. This is what Jason Hope, who is an investor does every time there is an opportunity. He is a great entrepreneur who understands the secret of using his resources in a philanthropic way.

His birthplace is Tempe, Arizona. He went to the University of Arizona State to pursue a degree in finance. He later went for his MBA from the Carey School of Business. He then became so successful in business and earned a great recognition worldwide. His name was no longer local but it touched the international spheres. He is a person who has become so successful when it comes to topics relating to business. Most seasoned entrepreneurs and students see him as a coveted mentor on matters of entrepreneurship. Actually, he is one of the people who walk his name by giving many people hope for better things ahead.

Although Jason was born in Tempe, he lives in Scottsdale today. He has several projects and businesses he oversees in this place and this is what consumes much of his time. He also spends time researching on anything he finds being of great interest to him. Most of the investment choices Jason have made usually come from what he has learned and what he is passionate about. Anti-aging research is one of the areas that have received most of his donations. He is known to be passionate about anti-aging science but he is also interested in any technology involving innovative thinking.

If you have been looking for a futuristic, then Jason is the man you need to meet. He looks forward to the time the smart and automation technology will have received its full limelight. He has a blog where he passionately writes down his current research, ideas and interests. When asked why he generously donates to SENS, he said he does it because this is a Research Foundation that aims at eliminating or curing the degenerative diseases that cause early aging and body destruction. Dr. Aubrey de Grey serves as the chief researcher at SENS Foundation and Jason has a lot of hope in what he does there.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media:

Freedom as the Future of Investment

Freedom is a funny thing to think about. We often times take freedom for granted, especially since we are born into a nation that prides itself on a multitude of different freedoms. being able to invest in our choice of retirement options is something that the United States gives us as citizens the opportunity to take advantage of, with items such as 401k and 403b accounts set up the future of retirement. Many times when an employee opens one of these accounts, however, they are charged a fee, both from the company that provides the benefit and the holder of the investment account itself. Many of these retirement options are also taxed, meaning that a large quantity of money that could potentially go into your retirement instead vanishes and is never seen again. In order to try and remove these faults with the system a man named Matt Badiali has re-released an old idea known as freedom checks. Visit to know more.

Freedom checks can be used as an option for investment as long as the issuing company meets two basic requirements. The corporation providing the checks needs to receive a minimum of 90% of its revenue from either gasoline or oil sales. The other requirement simply states that the corporation needs to support freedom checks as a form of legal tender. Once these requirements are meant than a company can choose to set up freedom checks as a legal alternative to common retirement benefits for their shareholders. Freedom checks do not fall under the same level as federal investment options and are not the same as receiving social security or Medicare payments. payouts are normally high as they are not federally taxed, meaning that not only do shareholders see a heavier payout but that the companies issuing them are also paying less to use them.


Freedom checks may become a valid option for the retirement savvy, as they allow investors to place the majority of their investment amounts into accounts that can see exponential growth over time. Freedom checks may seem like an interesting yet risky option for investors, much in the same way that cryptocurrencies have been viewed over the past several years. Whether or not they will remain valid is dependent on if a bubble is formed and if it will pop. As always the economy wavering will also affect freedom checks as they are still backed by stocks and bonds. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Kamil Idris: Promoting the World Intellectual Property Day

Kamil Idris is one of the proponents of the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day. This event has been growing in popularity these past few days, and more people are joining the celebration. The event was launched by Kamil Idris eight years back, and the organization managed to get the support of many governments. The annual celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated by the ex-director general’s Facebook page, is dated on April 26 of every year, and Kamil Idris is inviting everyone to join the event. Intellectual property is defined as any work that has an original owner which has patented or copyrighted his or her creation. Copyright infringement is one of the most serious problems faced by creators today, and Kamil Idris would like to stop the culture of piracy, especially among the internet users where the practices are prevalent.

For those who create intellectual properties, they are stating that piracy hits them hard, and it is tough to run after the pirates because they came from different countries. They need the assistance from the international police to solve each case with regards to copyright infringement. Kamil Idris is urging the countries around the world to work together and protect the intellectual properties of their citizens because, in the end, it is them who would end up benefiting from the works of their people. However, what Kamil Idris is dreaming of is far from what is happening in real life.

Many governments around the world are lax when it comes to laws about piracy. Some governments have made laws against piracy, but they do not uphold the law, resulting in the thriving businesses involving illegal copies of intellectual properties. Kamil Idris is appealing to all governments around the world to do their best in curbing the illegal industry of piracy. Another angle that Kamil Idris is looking at would be the advancement of technology used for communicating. He stated that it played a major role in the piracy of intellectual properties that are being shared online. He appealed to those who are doing these illegal activities to stop because they are not helping the global entertainment industry.

Read the full article here:

WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights

NGP VAN Streamlines Political Canvassing with NGP MiniVAN

Recent Research on Canvassing

With tons of paper, hours of data entry ahead and the requirement of accountability, a political campaign manager traditionally looked at canvassing as a labor-intensive part of campaigning for their political candidate; furthermore, it sets a wrong tone at the beginning of the campaign trail. In short, with campaign dollars being squeezed on every activity needing funding it is not a surprise that canvassing may even be cut back and those additional voters may never have the chance to hear about another political candidate for their vote. The Good News is NGP VAN, the leader in providing technology for political campaigns, from President Obama to thousands of others seeking to promote their cause. NGP VAN has had twenty years of success in all 50 states.

Traditionally, Canvassing has shown good results and has a long history in political campaign activities leading up to elections. Canvassing used to be associated with non-profit efforts and goes back to the early 1970s, but since the 1990s has been more aggressively used for political agendas.

Two professors from UC Berkely and Stanford, David Broockman and Joshua Kalla, have shown in their studies and polls that canvassing only results in about 1 in every 800 persons being likely to change to another party. These results by David Broockman and Joshua Kalla also found that these results were based on potential voters being approached within two months before an election. Though it seems to be a lot of work for a small effect the good news is the method of canvassing has dramatically changed.

Canvassing with NGP VAN MiniVAN

NGP VAN has recently made the MiniVAN app available for free from their website, which allows canvassers, either on staff on volunteers, to create a unique ID associated with their campaign. Once a canvasser is registered with NGP VAN they can access a pre-scripted list of voters or one they upload to the NGP VAN server. NGP VAN makes canvassing more accountable since data received is immediately updated on the NGP VAN website and made accessible to the associated campaign coordinators. NGP VAN offers their NGP MiniVAN for free and is available for Android and IOS devices.

Find NGP VAN on Glassdoor reviews.

Jorge Moll Explains the Internal and Amazing Science of Giving

Jorge Moll is a Neuroscience from Brazil who believes in helping people who suffer from negativity in life. He’s background in Brazil is one of factors considered to have played a big role in his pursuit towards studying the brain functions.


Jorge Moll’s Brain Experiment

Jorge Moll, the famous neuroscientist, is known for his myriad of medical studies that focuses on the mind. In the recent past, he has focused on nearly all topics that concern the neural spectrum and assessing the emotions behind the response of the mind. Jorge Moll’s interesting research was on the science of giving.

Jorge Moll was compelled to check out the responses the brain gave when someone made another happy through giving. (Jorgemoll) results were incredible, and he explained that giving does more good in your own brain than on the person you give.

“You get a chance to experience something new, something phenomenon,” Dr. Moll stated.


The Experiment He Conducted

Dr. Moll came up with an experiment where he urged his patients, tied on a seat with their brains hooked to different machines, to think about the act of giving.

Jorge Moll was surprised by the results. The brains of the patients became active when they began to think about giving and stop immediately when they had some selfish thoughts.

Luckily, the results were recorded in some devices and studied by Dr. Moll. As Dr. Moll analyzed the data, he found out that there is a special part of the brain that would always open up when the patients thought about giving. In addition, that part would always release hormones once opened. The hormones released during that time were the same ones produced when someone ate some delicious food. Jorge Moll concluded that the hormone released is the same hormone that is known to cause a warm feeling.

After the research and study, Dr. Moll came up with a conclusive report where he discussed about the evolution of the brain architecture. He emphasized on the fact that humans formulate things based on their idea on altruism. In fact, he’s argument was that the neural pathways were connected to the moral belief of the individual.

Jorge Moll’s results gave other research in-depth knowledge of how the brain functions. His work continues to play a crucial role in the ever-changing world of neurobiology.


Louis Chenevert Grows UTC

Louis Chenevert has done wonderful things for the company known as the United Technologies Corporation. When he arrived at United Technologies Corporation stocks were maintaining at only $37 but through the years as the CEO he raised it 200% to $117 a share.

He was capable of doing so well at the United Technologies Corporation because he spent the better part of two decades preparing for the role of chief executive officer.

After he graduated from university he would work on the line of General Motors as a production general manager. After nearly a decade and a half we has picked up by the company Pratt & Whitney which makes aircraft engines. He would become the president of that company in just six years.

This experience was the foundation he needed when he became the chairman and chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation. Here, he would lead the business to become the best creator in researching high technology products. Their products range anywhere from jet engines, both commercial and military, to refrigeration and air-conditioning, to producing sensors, flight controls, and aerospace systems.

He was able to do the impossible when he acquired the company Goodrich for $16.3 billion. At the time that he stepped down from the role of CEO in 2014 the company was worth $63 billion.

He is also widely known for keeping the business afloat during the time of the great recession in the United States of America. He was able to do that for the United Technologies Corporation by focusing on several things.

First of all, he focused on obtaining governmental contracts in order to have a consistent return on investment throughout the years. This is why his Sikorsky unit was able to produce more helicopters every year than any other US company and maintain strong profit margins.

He also went on to purchase Otis which is the world’s largest elevator company. He would use that and the refrigeration and AC connections to become the most dominant provider of heating and air-conditioning and refrigeration and fired detection in the entire United States of America.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Career and Visions

Dr. Mark McKenna is one who is passionate about serving the community and his patients. Dr. Mckenna was born in New Orleans and attended Tulane University where he received his bachelors in medicine. He is certified by the state board of medical examiners of Georgia and Florida. Dr. Mark Mckenna is also licensed in medicine and surgery. On the completion of his studies in medical school, he started practicing with his father at the same time he launched a real estate firm called McKenna Venture Investment. In the years that followed he acquired Uptown Title Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending. These firms that he purchased grew exponentially and had well over 50 employees. The companies were involved in operations concerning services for designing, building, financing and real estate. In 2005 Dr. McKenna lost most of his business interests due to Hurricane Katarina that wiped New Orleans. After the storm, he actively participated in redeveloping houses that targeted the low-moderate income class. After relocating to Atlanta in 2007, he launched ShapeMed which was a medical based aesthetic and wellness firm. He later sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc, and Dr. Mark McKenna was appointed the National Medical Director for Life Time Fitness Inc until the year 2016. In the year 2017, he founded OVME where he is the CEO, and the firm focuses on reinventing elective healthcare. The idea of OVME came about after his long-term experience working in the industry of medical aesthetics. Dr. Mark McKenna splits his time between work and his personal life. He is married and has two children a daughter Milana Elle and a son Pomeranian, Ryder. He begins his day at 6:30 am and has breakfast with his daughter then heads for work. He finishes his work at around 6 pm and joins his family for dinner. After dinner, Dr. Mark McKenna heads for Jiu-Jitsu training which ends at about 9 pm and gets back to the house where he works till he falls asleep. Dr. McKenna has the habit of meditating at least once in a day. He likes reading and recommends one to read the book Think, Growing rich written by Napoleon. Dr. McKenna is a firm believer in setting goals and visualizing them as a step to realizing ones’ goals. He advises the young generation to surround themselves with smart people and also follow their passion. Elon Musk, Barrack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg are among the few people admired by Dr. McKenna. He is really excited that there is a decline in smoking in America.