EOS and their Revolutionary Lip Balm

We have all seen and probably even used Chapstick at some point in our lives. For a very long time, there weren’t many options when it came to different brands and types of lip balm that could be purchased in the store. Chapstick was a main seller for many years but one that consumers were getting tired of using. This is one of the reasons that EOS began to do consumer research into what would sell the best when it came to lip balm and the oral care market.

Women especially wanted to carry lip balm in their bags and purses but were put off over the fact that the cylindrical tubes of Chapstick were easily lost. Not only that, the taste and texture was becoming bland and boring. EOS realized that a new product would be a good gamble and partnered up with beauty bloggers on Facebook and other social media platforms to get the word out about their revolutionary lip balm, a fascinating sphere of lip balm that would soon be the second most popular on the market. It also helped to see celebrities using the colorful balls of balm in videos and on TV! Taylor Swift endorsed EOS lip balm and Miley Cyrus was seen using it in her video. Soon, a product that barely sold a million units in the first year on the shelves was selling a million per week.

Millennials and every other age group were scrambling to pick up the latest, hottest flavors of EOS lip balm. The product was first picked up to be sold by Walgreens and then at Walmart and Target. After that, every store seemed to be selling EOS lip balm and even other popular brands came out with their own imitations. This fresh new twist of lip balm, with scrumptious flavors such as grapefruit, peach and honeydew, was a hit.



Curling With Wengie


If you want curls in your hair but don’t have a curling iron, you can use a metallic instrument to get the same results. When you wrap the hair around the utensil, apply heat from a blow dryer until the utensil is hot like an iron. Smaller items will create smaller curls while larger utensils will create waves. It only takes a few moments for the curls to set before the hair begins to dry out.

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The Role of Andrea McWilliams as a Political Strategist

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political fundraiser based in Old Enfield. More so, she is an incumbent member of the PAC Board of Ryan, a worldwide company dealing in taxation. She was born and grew up in Texas Capitol on Congress Avenue. Married to Dean, they have together brought up three children.


At the age of 21, Andrea McWilliams was a chief of staff at a private company. She later co-founded McWilliams Governmental Affairs with her husband, Dean. The company was formed to advise on matters to do with government. Andrea McWilliams has had the opportunity to head some non-profit making organizations as a board member, among them, the Texas Lyceum, Mexico-Arte Museum, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge and much more. Of great importance, Andrea McWilliams has been a member of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Kill Cancer, organizations tasked with prevention of cancer. Both centers have raised millions of dollars to help her home area, Texas to cope with and prevent cancer. As for her effort, she was recognized by Seton Breast Cancer Center, by having their screening department acquire her name.


Andrea McWilliams has combined effort with the Austin Business Journal to give motivation and mentorship to the new ladies of Texas on matters to do with business and finance. The Journal eventually gifted her with the “Profiles in Power Award” She has also been an active participant of the Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration Committee, not to forget her chairing one of the biggest charity functions in Austin, the Ballet Fete. The Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration Committee accorded Andrea McWilliams with the “woman of distinction” award. Not to underrate her recognitions, she also received the “Austin under 40 award”.


As a result of her distinguished work in politics, she has been widely publicized in countrywide media, including FOX News, CNN, and even BBC.



Talk Fusion Helps To Enhance Sales

It does not matter how big or small your company is. It does not matter how new or old your company. Also, it does not matter what product or service you are selling. There is one thing common whether you are an online or offline company. You need marketing.


Marketing people are always looking at innovative ways to reach their customers. This is because all that they do is getting outdated so fast. Whatever innovation they try gets copied by their competition so fast. Hence there is a constant demand for more, better, faster, newer, and so on.


In this era of digitalization, Talk Fusion has come out with the all-in-one video option. This is simple, straight but highly effective.


All of us know the difference between text and images. While putting in an article in a newspaper was the way to market at one time, it changed once people started using images.


Marketing is not only selling. This is something which people need to be clear about. It is not just a firm selling its products or services. Rather, it is also about informing the consumer. It is a way of filling in the need gap. Perhaps a new mother is looking for a small sized diaper for her newborn underweight baby. She has no idea if, or where these are available. This is where marketing brings such information to her. Now she has the information about three companies which provide her what she needs. She can compare the features of each and make a choice based on what suits her needs the best. Hence marketing is not about selling, but about helping people buy. Talk Fusion does exactly that.


Marketing needs to reach a person. Today people are suffering from an overload of information. Hence people need to reach them. Users may pass by a billboard for years without even glancing to know what is displayed on it. This is why Talk Fusion has come out with moving images in the form of a video that will make people get up and take notice, and hence buy your products.

Health Beauty And Fashion With Don Ressler

This is a strange world that people live in. While a lot of people like to chant about not thinking about looks, the truth is that a lot of people respond to appearances. People appreciate visual beauty. Therefore, it is important for people to take the time to bring out their own beauty. One of the best ways to do that is by using fashion. Another thing about beauty is that it is beautiful to be healthy. Don Ressler understands the importance of health when it comes to beauty. This is one of the reasons that he has decided to put fashion, health and beauty together.

One thing that Don Ressler realizes is that people who look good tend to feel better about themselves than those who don’t. Even more so, people who look the way they want are more likely to be even happier than those who just look good in the generic sense. Don Ressler knows the value of custom looks. Therefore, he has done everything he can to make sure that customers are getting the type of looks that they want. Customers are encouraged to provide their information on each of the brands of TechStyle which include JustFab and Fabletics.

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While a lot of people have a good idea of what they want for themselves, there are those that are not quite sure about what they would look good in. Therefore, they get the help of someone who is a personal stylist on Pando.com. However, it is encouraged for people to gain their own sense of style because fashion is about expressing oneself. One of the dreams that TechStyle is built on is finding a style that one wants and not worrying about what others think about them.

One of the best things about TechStyle is that it has put up a company that does more than sell clothes. It also offers many different services for the customer so that he will feel more like a VIP as opposed to a mere customer or member of a club. The customer will feel like an elite person who has stumbled on something that is great.

Learn more about Don Ressler: http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/

Getting up close and personal with Dr. Avi Weisfogel of Dental Sleep Masters

Statistics show that more than 80 percent of the people who have sleep disorders haven’t even received a proper diagnosis of the same. The owner of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been working on getting workable treatments for different sleep disorders for many years now. He started his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, in New Jersey in 1999 and had been operating there for the past 15 years. The community of Jersey has given him many accolades for his extraordinary achievements and superior quality customer service.


When he was operating the dental practice, he developed an interest in sleep disorders and wanted to see if there were a ways doctors and other health workers could be of help to people suffering from the issues. He established Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. This company has been working with physicians from all parts of the world and giving them the advice and support they need to establish their sleep labs. Two years later, he started another initiative, the Unlimited Sleep Patient. The initiative focused on helping dentists to identify patients who had sleep disorders and devise ways of helping them overcome them.


He accepted to be interviewed by Ideamensch about the journey it has taken him towards the current success in dealing with sleep disorders. Currently, there is a therapy that he and his team had been working on for the treatment of sleep apnea by stimulating the upper airways, and the machine they devised to use in the process has gotten FDA approval. The forum is what he has been using to identify patients that have sleep apnea and get them treatment.


Avi says that he goes to the office as early as 6 am. He likes speaking to his life coach and praying as these two activities give him perspective and at the same time keep grounded. Avi states that he is most fascinated by the ability to interact with different people from various industries across the globe. He adds that the only thing he would do if he were to start his journey again, is to approach it with more humility. He is a real inspiration.

Yanni Hufnagel Took The Basketball Lane Less Traveled

Are you any good at basketball? Yanni Hufnagel might just knock on your door. The Jewish assistant coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, is a world-class recruiter. He’s earned that reputation through years of hard work; sometimes unpaid hard work.


Yanni Hufnagel grew up in the comfortable Jewish suburb of Scarsdale, New York. Most young men from Scarsdale focus on academics and go on to become lawyers, doctors or businessmen. The neighborhood probably expected Yanni Hufnagel to do the same, or become a sports agent at least. Instead, Yanni Hufnagel followed his passion to become one of the country’s best recruiters.


He went to an Ivy League college at Cornell, but took an unpaid internship with the New Jersey Nets washing jerseys. He then continued working in basketball in an unpaid graduate assistant position at Oklahoma. Jeff Capel, head coach of the Sooners, was immediately impressed with his recruiting chops. He wasn’t afraid to hear the word no, he made a great pitch and he was very likable.


This inspired Capel to recommend Yanni Hufnagel for an assistant coaching job at Harvard. There he would make a name for himself by assembling the roster that won the school’s first Ivy League championship. He was there for four years and the team went an astonishing 79-24. In 2011, the school won a record 26 games and was nationally ranked for the first time.


He then helped Villanova recruit two NBA draft picks before taking his talent to UC Berkely where he assembled a killer backcourt. He’s now the assistant coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he is continuing to recruit at a high level.


CBS Sports conducted a poll that awarded Yanni Hufnagel “assistant coach most likely to become a star through recruiting.” It’ll be fun to see where the young coach goes next.

Valuable Business and Leadership Advice by the Leading Property Investor Adam Milstein

Have you ever had an experience which made you take a new direction in your career? If no, then Adam Milstein will be your example. Adam is a managing partner in Hager Pacific property, and he is a great entrepreneur investing in real estate business. From the interview below with Adam Milstein will encourage and motivate you in your business.


Adam Milstein’s Interview on Career Experience


Adam decided to Join Hager Pacific Properties when he was at USC University. Although his school mates got well-paying jobs, Adam was offered less because they thought he had no experience. This made Adam look for a different career, and started his journey as a real estate broker. Three years later, he began investing in commercial estate business. One of the challenges he faced is thinking that he will succeed in a short time and venture with all his money in the enterprise, but later he learned that business takes a long time.


Advice to Business Leaders


According to Adam, he ensures that his ideas remain valid by pushing on harder than anyone else, staying persistent and focused on the ultimate goal, ensuring consistency and following up all his plans. Real estate is an exciting business which goes up in demand and again faces fluctuation of prices, and thus one should be an analytical thinker. Adam enjoys his business and advises all entrepreneurs to understand their business to help predict any problem and solution the industry is facing. Every day in Adam’s career is made more productive by involving in philanthropy. His main advice to business people is to do their best and give no ear to criticism. To ensure that he reaches all his customers he makes use of Constant Contact software.


Adam Milstein Philanthropy


Adam and his wife started Sifright Pi Jama America organizations which provide free Hebrew books to Jews and Israelites in the United States. These are books teaching the Israelite families value. Well, I think Adam has taught you something useful about making the right decisions in life and business. You should not people criticize or intimidate you on your experience. Give it your all and expect to win big!

White Shark Media: The Trusted Name in Digital Media Marketing

White Shark Media began offering digital marketing services in 2011 after three Danish entrepreneurs created the company. Although WSM got off to a rough start, they were able to quickly revamp their brand and their image, and now serve as a top name in the digital marketing industry. In fact, they’ve grown so incredibly, they now serve as one of only 29 companies featured as a Google AdWords premier partner.

Sure, there are tons of digital marketing companies out there, but few of them provide the same exceptional services and dedication as White Shark Media. When you want your small or medium-sized business to rise to the top, it takes a company that is willing to do more to see your success. White Shark Media is that company. Their ultimate goal is your company’s success.

White Shark Media offers an aray of services, including:

  • PPC Management
  • SEM Listing
  • SEM Management
  • AdWords management

Choose a single service or customize a package to cater to your needs. No matter which services you choose, White Shark Media does it right.

And, working with White Shark Media provides results! You can always count on an expert agent assigned to your company who will keep you informed of what is going on and do all that it takes to ensure that your company reaches new heights. WSM does all these things at some of the best prices available for the same services.

There are many digital marketing companies, but there is only one White Shark Media. If you demand more than what the average digital marketing company can provide, WSM is the name that is ready to give it to you.


How Does Marc Sparks Help People Like Me With The Spark Tank?

The Spark Tank is a program that I was pleased to be a part of because it brought attention to my company, and I was allowed to learn something from Marc and all the people around the program itself. This article explains how I was able to change my brand by working inside the Spark Tank, getting feedback and learning about how to manage my company correctly.

Everyone who wants to learn more about striking out into business on their own must ensure they have taken the time to learn about Marc Sparks.

#1: The Spark Tank Supported Many Of Us

There were quite a lot of people who applied, and I got to know the people who were in the program with me. It was nice to know them, and I liked getting along with the because they gave me a reason to believe that may ideas would do just as well as theirs. I know that I was not the only person who was working in the program, but I got enough attention to feel like I mattered.

#2: We Were Voted On

We were put out there where the public could vote on our products, and I am glad to know that I was seen by many more people because of it. I was contacted by many people who found me through the program, and we talked often about how impressed they were with me because of what they saw in the program.

I felt good about how that looked for my company, and I wanted to know that I could be successful on my own with just a bit of free press. I was proven right because of what Marc Sparks was able to do.

#3: Managing My Business

The business that I run must be managed in a particular way, and I believe it is quite important that everyone learns from a master. Marc has been a mentor to me and many others, and we are all learning how to keep our businesses in the proper condition using his governance tactics. It is nice to know that we have better options because of Marc Sparks, and I have learned quite a lot under him.

Everyone who takes part in the Spark Tank will be pleased to know they are getting the finest mentoring in the industry. Marc Spark is a genius who must be commended for his work.