OSI Food Solutions Acquires Baho Foods, Tyson Plant and Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a global leader in the production of quality meat products. The company has a wide portfolio of product offerings, including beef, pork, chicken, sausage and novelty food such as hot dogs. It is the largest privately-owned producer of meat products in the United States and has also earned the prestigious honor of being named to the list of Top 100 Companies in the United States.

OSI recently made three big announcements. First, the company has purchased a chicken production plant from Tyson Food Group in Chicago. Second, OSI’s facility in Toledo, Spain has gone through a major expansion process and will now be able to produce double the volume of chicken products each year. Finally, the company made the purchase of Baho Foods. All of these announcements showcase the major growth that OSI is poised for in 2018. Below are additional details regarding each of these major announcements.

OSI Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

OSI Food Group is known for its drive to consistently stay ahead of trends and consumer needs regarding the meat industry. The demand for chicken products has been steadily increasing throughout Spain and Portugal. In fact, last year the demand grew by eight percent. OSI Food Solutions was keenly aware of this growth, as well as projected future demand growth. The company chose to invest 17 million to increase the amount of chicken products that they can product at their facility in Toledo, Spain. The facility was expanded by 20,000 square feet and added a high-capacity production line. This high-capacity production line means that the facility will now double the amount of chicken produced. The facility will be able to produce 24,000 tons of chicken each year in comparison to the 12,000 tons of chicken that the facility was producing annually in previous years.

OSI Food Group Acquires Baho Foods

OSI made the decision to purchase a major stake in Baho Foods. The company is a leading producer of meats, including sausage, other pork products, beef and chicken. Baho Foods is based in the Netherlands and, although the company’s products are widely popular in that region, the products are also extremely popular throughout Europe. OSI believes this purchase will give them an even broader presence in Europe. Baho Foods has processing plans in the Netherlands and Europe and is the parent company to five brands. These brands are Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Henry van de Bilt. These brands are household names in nearly twenty countries in Europe.

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