Nick Vertucci Is Teaching People The Real Way To Make Money Through Real Estate Investing

When he was younger, Nick Vertucci’s father passed away, and this forced his mother to work night and day in order to provide for him and the rest of his family. Watching his mother do this had an effect on his work ethic, and while he struggled for many years after his 18th birthday, he eventually found his footing and began on his path towards financial freedom. It was during a three-day real estate training seminar that he discovered he wanted to be a real estate investor. After attending the seminar, he consumed everything he could about investing in real estate by researching, attending more training’s, and gathering information from any credible source he could find that would further his education and give him the tools he would need to be the success he knew he could.

Years later, Nick Vertucci opened the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which teaches a system for how to win at investing in real estate. On top of this, it provides its attendees with a community they can continue to tap into to help them along the way of their journey. The difference between the NVREA and other real estate training seminars is the fact that a lot of what they teach there is very hands-on and instructional rather than theoretical and high-minded. While there is plenty of technical details and solutions to the problems that real estate investors will face being taught at the academy, there are also parts of it that deal with how to repair property that is purchased for resale and more.

Some of the specific areas of real estate investing and flipping real estate that are taught include wholesaling and flipping contracts, rehabbing and flipping properties, asset protection, leveraging your IRA and 401k to fund investments, commercial investments, buying and holding properties for long-term cash flow, and a lot more. Aside from instruction, Nick Vertucci has a community of private lenders and investors on-hand that raise millions of dollars to support some of his student’s real estate endeavors.

There are many different success stories and testimonials from former students of the academy, and most of them point out the fact that the NVREA gave them the exact tools they needed to actually get out in the real world and begin to make money through real estate. This is all that Nick Vertucci has hoped for, and he is looking to continue teaching people to be financially independent through investing in real estate.

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