Milan Kordestani and His Success In Farming

Milan Kordestani is an innovative young person who was born in Stanford, California and he has grown up in Stanford, and he studied at Phillips Brooks Elementary School. The family of Kordestani moved to London, England and this was because his parents decided to divorce and hence they had to move.

While in London he started attending Eaton Square School. Milan Kordestani later went to the Bay Area where he studied at Sacred Heart Preparatory which was located in Atherton, and he then graduated in the year 2007. Kordestani was very ambitious, and he started horse riding at the tender age of ten years. At one time he was thrown off a horse while riding but after the incident, he got up and rode the horse back to camp because many children would be terrified to get back on a horse after it threw them off.

Milan Kordestani had a lot of interest in horse riding and even began competing in horse races at high levels such as the world championships. He has won many championships such as The Triple Crown. He has been ranked 3rd at the American Royal which was the third leg of the Triple Crown.

Milan has achieved many things as an equestrian, but in addition to all that, he started Milan Farms which was a company that specialised in poultry products such as eggs and saffron. Milan Kordestani through his farm became the first individual to practice growth of saffron where he was able to grow the spice on sponges which were made of microfiber. Milan is also a writer for the Huffington Post.

He started his farm in 2015, and he wanted to create new organic ways on how to grow poultry and growth of 100 per cent pure saffron. The farm owned by Milan Kordestani offers organic eggs, saffron and mint. The company grew, and it became a trademark company later, and this saw the expansion of the venture into three separate farms. They majorly deal with egg distribution in places such as Colorado and their saffron is distributed worldwide. The farm uses drip irrigation, but still, they are trying to create new methods of growing saffron.

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