JustFab’s Don Ressler’s Big Success

Don Ressler has seen a great deal of success as a direct result of his brand, JustFab. The brand is also a part of Fabletics and something that makes getting clothing easier for women. The custom outfits and accessories are designed with the specific woman in mind and are intended to be a perfect fit.

Before the beginning of JustFab, Don Ressler worked as a successful startup investor. He had worked with many different companies and he was able to make a lot of money from these companies. When he was doing this, he was able to bring in big money. He sold off some of his companies and decided to move to the back seat on some of the others so that he could become more focused on JustFab and the way that it functioned. Ressler also hoped to expand the JustFab brand to more areas.

When he was just starting out with the JustFab brand on Brandettes, he teamed up with another mega mogul who was just 19 at the time. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler worked together well. They were both dedicated and both extremely successful. They combined their vast knowledge and their huge network of contacts together to form what could eventually become one of the biggest and best online retailers. They knew that this would give them the opportunity and the success that they sought even though they had both already been very successful on their own with their own startups and companies.

After JustFab did so well, the company decided to expand. They made the choice to open up an athletic-wear shop on the site called Fabletics. This portion of the brand focuses more on athletic wear than accessories. They also have a section dedicated solely to shoes: ShoeDazzle is yet another division of JustFab. The two work together to constantly improve this online retail brand on internetretailer.com and to ensure that it does better than all the rest. It was the first and remains at the top of the list today because of the way that it functions and the huge following of women that it has gained over time.

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