How Our Jail Uses Securus Technologies to Combat Crime

It might come as a surprise to many that there is serious crimes taking place inside the prison every day. The thing that you have to realize is that these inmates are trapped inside a cell for the entire day, and they have nothing but time on their hands and are always on the hunt for a way to exploit the system. My job as a corrections officer is to try and limit the crimes, and we do that in a number of ways.


To stop the flow of illegal drugs and weapons into the jail, me and my fellow officers set up screening sections at the visitor center to catch anyone trying to get drugs into the prison. If we are able to stop the flow into the jail, then we can lessen the chances of it getting into the inmate’s cells and leading to a number of problems down the road.


We also monitor the calls the inmates are making to try and get the items before they even get into the jail. Securus Technologies installed their latest inmate call system and it has already had incredible results. This company is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he has made the company objective to make our world a safer place to live. We believe that by stopping the contraband, we do make the jail safer for all.


Our first week after being trained to use the LBS software, we detected chatter from the inmates that pointed us to a number of issues. One call alerted us to an inmate talking about how he hides his drugs outside his cell so it doesn’t get pinned on him. We even listened in to calls about who is bringing drugs to the jail and quickly got in position to make an arrest before anything changed hands.


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