Greg Secker: Youngest Forex Billionaire

Greg Secker is a famous forex trader, trainer, public speaker, author etc. He was born on 18 February 1975 in Norfolk in England. He amassed a lot of wealth during his trading and training sessions. He is also a great philanthropist and has a Non-Governmental Organization called The Greg Secker Foundation. He has been on the frontline impacting the lives of people with special need across the globe. He has been on the frontline ensuring that he uses his resources to help anyone in need. His organization has partnered with several youth organizations to help them improve their lives in terms of education, leadership skills etc. He has built homes for the needy in the Philippines and has built one hundred homes in Lemery. He has been recognized as top 200 most recognized philanthropists across the globe.

Greg Secker is also the founder of four companies that offer forex training. They are Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts and also Capital Index. He has also been a contributor during the writing of a book called The Book Of Success. He is one of the great brains behind the most moving book in the bookshop’s shelves. The companies have branches in several corners of this world and have been offering training to potential traders. He admits that he has been able to train over 200,000 people about Forex trading in Workshops, seminars and also through webinars. He has held and spoken in over 6,000 meetings. He started by selling computers while he was studying agriculture and food science at the University of Nottingham.

Greg Secker used to train himself how to code and later he became an expert. He perfected the art of coding and was a computer geek in few years time. He approached a friend who worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services company and was invited for an interview. He was employed and assumed his roles as a coding guru. He helped in creating foreign exchange trading systems and was even awarded by British Telecom Award for the skills he exhibited during that period. At the age of 25 years, he was employed by Mellon Financial Corporation and started learning to trade from forex traders. He was able to learn trading strategies slowly by slowly. Later in the year 2003, he decided to quit and start trading alone. He started mentoring many people starting from families and friends who turned out to be his first clients.

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