Freedom as the Future of Investment

Freedom is a funny thing to think about. We often times take freedom for granted, especially since we are born into a nation that prides itself on a multitude of different freedoms. being able to invest in our choice of retirement options is something that the United States gives us as citizens the opportunity to take advantage of, with items such as 401k and 403b accounts set up the future of retirement. Many times when an employee opens one of these accounts, however, they are charged a fee, both from the company that provides the benefit and the holder of the investment account itself. Many of these retirement options are also taxed, meaning that a large quantity of money that could potentially go into your retirement instead vanishes and is never seen again. In order to try and remove these faults with the system a man named Matt Badiali has re-released an old idea known as freedom checks. Visit to know more.

Freedom checks can be used as an option for investment as long as the issuing company meets two basic requirements. The corporation providing the checks needs to receive a minimum of 90% of its revenue from either gasoline or oil sales. The other requirement simply states that the corporation needs to support freedom checks as a form of legal tender. Once these requirements are meant than a company can choose to set up freedom checks as a legal alternative to common retirement benefits for their shareholders. Freedom checks do not fall under the same level as federal investment options and are not the same as receiving social security or Medicare payments. payouts are normally high as they are not federally taxed, meaning that not only do shareholders see a heavier payout but that the companies issuing them are also paying less to use them.


Freedom checks may become a valid option for the retirement savvy, as they allow investors to place the majority of their investment amounts into accounts that can see exponential growth over time. Freedom checks may seem like an interesting yet risky option for investors, much in the same way that cryptocurrencies have been viewed over the past several years. Whether or not they will remain valid is dependent on if a bubble is formed and if it will pop. As always the economy wavering will also affect freedom checks as they are still backed by stocks and bonds. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

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