Fabletics Experiences Significant Growth

Fabletics is the company that women are going to when they want fitness gear that is comfortable. This is how Kate Hudson has promoted the brand as she has talked about it in interviews. This is something that makes people take notice because no one wants uncomfortable clothing for working out.


It’s not to say that other brands are offering clothes that are uncomfortable, but Kate Hudson knows that comfort and style is what she has a desire to promote. She has built the brand that consumers have become very interested in. It did not take a long time for people to notice that she had exclusive garments that could not be found anywhere else. Amazon offers a wide selection of clothing, but Kate Hudson plans to build an inventory that is even greater than what Amazon can offer for fitness clothing. She has the ability to do this with Fabletics because she is focused on a single market. She is not trying to get into any other areas outside of fitness clothing. This is what has given her a great advantage over lots of other online sites.


Kate Hudson realize that creating a specialty is what she she was good at. This will be the thing that would get her name out to consumers that did not want to spend time shopping for hundreds of different items.


Hudson simply wanted to get customers in a place where they could get the best fitness clothing at affordable prices. This is why she is opening more stores. She is using the reverse showcase concept to promote the brand online. Customers can buy through the website as well. Her new stores, however, are going to give customers a better experience. They can try on clothes, and they also have the ability to hear more about the VIP membership through the sales consultants that work in the stores. Kate is doing everything that she can to build this brand along Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. This Trio has put together a very successful business model that is very similar to the one that was created when JustFab was put into place. They would go on to narrow down their customer base for a specific market for athletic clothing for women. This has done well so far, and there is also a brother site called FL2 to that caters to the needs of men.

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