EOS and their Revolutionary Lip Balm

We have all seen and probably even used Chapstick at some point in our lives. For a very long time, there weren’t many options when it came to different brands and types of lip balm that could be purchased in the store. Chapstick was a main seller for many years but one that consumers were getting tired of using. This is one of the reasons that EOS began to do consumer research into what would sell the best when it came to lip balm and the oral care market.

Women especially wanted to carry lip balm in their bags and purses but were put off over the fact that the cylindrical tubes of Chapstick were easily lost. Not only that, the taste and texture was becoming bland and boring. EOS realized that a new product would be a good gamble and partnered up with beauty bloggers on Facebook and other social media platforms to get the word out about their revolutionary lip balm, a fascinating sphere of lip balm that would soon be the second most popular on the market. It also helped to see celebrities using the colorful balls of balm in videos and on TV! Taylor Swift endorsed EOS lip balm and Miley Cyrus was seen using it in her video. Soon, a product that barely sold a million units in the first year on the shelves was selling a million per week.

Millennials and every other age group were scrambling to pick up the latest, hottest flavors of EOS lip balm. The product was first picked up to be sold by Walgreens and then at Walmart and Target. After that, every store seemed to be selling EOS lip balm and even other popular brands came out with their own imitations. This fresh new twist of lip balm, with scrumptious flavors such as grapefruit, peach and honeydew, was a hit.



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