Drew Madden: Keeping Medical Records Secure In Today’s Changing World

With more and more information available online, there are growing calls from various industries to ensure proper steps are taken to keep information safe and secure. This applies especially to medical records, with practically all patient information now being contained in electronic medical records. And as more and more reports are revealed showing pharmacy chain CVS and online retail company Amazon are preparing to complete large deals, including purchasing health insurance company Aetna and getting licensed to sell pharmacy supplies and possibly prescription medications, the need for more secure electronic medical records will never be greater. To ensure patient data is kept as secure as possible from possible data breaches, Drew Madden and Nordic Consulting Partners work with healthcare organizations of all types.

Possessing many years of experience as a healthcare IT entrepreneur, Drew Madden has become the go-to person when it comes to designing and implementing electronic medical records systems. But to do so, it takes a unique combination of IT talents, all of which are possessed by Madden. Software analysis and development, along with industrial engineering knowledge and training in the latest aspects of cloud technology and data networks, all add up to create a winning strategy for having electronic medical records systems that can handle the most complex amounts of data. By working closely with his team at Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew Madden has been able to analyze and design online medical records systems for large corporations, hospitals, local medical offices and facilities, and other groups in need of these services.

As he has been able to help various clients deal successfully with the issues associated with electronic medical records, Drew Madden has gained a reputation across the United States and abroad for his unique abilities. Because of this, Nordic Consulting Partners has grown to include more than 725 employees, have annual revenues well in excess of $125 million, and a client list of more than 200 companies and other organizations. By providing clients with the most state-of-the-art electronic medical records systems available today, Drew Madden and Nordic Consulting Partners are in demand across the globe.

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