Dr. Mark Holterman and How He’s Able To Survive The Medical Practice Despite Malpractice Threats

It’s hard for doctors to ultimately have a grip on themselves, knowing the stressors they experience daily and the medical malpractice threats that they encounter every single day they’re on hospital duty. One of the rare physicians who have proven their strength, bravery, and endurance for such challenges is Dr. Mark Holterman, and he’s right now a successful surgeon mainly for withstanding such difficulties (http://markjholterman.strikingly.com/).

It is said by the wise philosopher Nassim Taleb that the more stress you receive, up to a certain point, the stronger you become if you let your body rest. This has not been nearer to the truth than in the case of Dr. Mark Holterman, where the fact that he’s strong is rooted in the central truth that he’s opening himself to more challenges.


The Warrenville Surgeon

You may have heard of the name of Dr. Mark Holterman from the fact that he comes from Warrenville, Illinois and has made a name being a surgeon that got formally trained from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He’s been in practice and service for numerous patients and across a variety of niche for more than 20 years now, and the fact that he’s still here today means that he has more people to help and assist medically.


Insurance Accepted

It is part of professional practice always to uphold the authenticity of various insurance firms. Dr. Mark is no different. In his practice, he is gladly accepting insurance programs of a different variety, including the insurance from Aetna HMO, Aetna Choice POS OO, and BCBS Blue Card PPO. Right now, there are no hospitals yet affiliated with Dr. Mark, but the fact that he is in a network that accepts these insurance programs makes him still one of the most sought-after physicians/surgeons in the state.



From the word go, Dr. Mark has already been a consistent achiever. The fact that he finished at the University of Virginia, where he did his residency in General Surgery and that he was a fellow at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center makes it even more reassuring for his patients to believe in what he prescribes and offers.

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