Wikipedia Editors Confused About Trump as President

On 20 January 2017, Donald Trump was officially inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of America on 12:00 pm Eastern Time. At that point, the president’s office and all related social media accounts were transitioned to Donald Trump. However, things were different on Wikipedia. As the website is an online encyclopedia which is crowd-sourced; therefore, everyone has access to edit the pages. Users were not sure when Trump was going to take over the office. The page of President of the United States on Wikipedia was edited several times. Sometimes, it was showing Donald Trump as the president while on other times Obama was shown as the president.

Supporters of Donald Trump were editing the page to show him as the President while his opponents wanted to show Obama as the President until noon. According to some sources, the page was edited about eight times during the morning which is not that much depending on the situation. However, the page is protected. Therefore, not many editors have access to edit it. Most probably the reason for this strange situation was the old habits of writers. In the old days, when encyclopedias were only available in printed form, time was never an issue. At that time, many students have the habit of looking Britannica Encyclopedia in their schools at afternoon.

Wikipedia is a great source of knowledge. Wikipedia experts┬ádo a great job as they take a headache out of creating a page for a person or business. A Wikipedia page has endless benefits and opportunities for one’s business or online presence if professionals create it. Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that operates Wikipedia with an estimated budget of sixty-eight million dollars. Wikipedia is something that makes users feel that they can own the internet. It does not make money from the users. During the last seven years, the number of articles on the website has increased two times. The reach of the website is amazing. Every month, more than five hundred million visitors and almost eighteen billion views were observed. In addition to this, thirty-six million articles on Wikipedia are available in more than two-hundred-and-fifty languages. The website has become an important cultural function and source of reference. The number of articles in the English Language is more than five million. Whenever there is a question, the majority of Internet users visit Wikipedia to get the answers. Even Google search show Wikipedia pages as the top result.