Collaborative Communication between Teachers and Parents: Class Dojo

In the latest round of fundraising, Class Dojo has raised close to 21 million to help growth this small start up company. Class Dojo is a communication platform widely used in public, private, and charter schools across the country. The founders of the company are hoping to expand the already popular free app to include more services and features.


The founders of Class Dojo hope to expand their at home features for parents. The app has a multitude of features for teachers and parents to use during the school day, but they want to make more features and capabilities to make the app attractive to use at home. This new round of fundraising will help to grow the team and their app.


This free app has not earned revenue yet for the company, since it is currently free. The company vows never to make money off selling user’s data rather they will have features parents will want to pay for to earn money. The original purpose is to help build a positive and collaborative environment in the classroom between students, teachers, and parents.


The investors see the growth of Class Dojo similar to those of other social networking sites. This app allows parents and teachers to communicate and keep up to date information on their child’s progress in school. The future growth of Class Dojo is looking up, even some seeing paying features, which allow parents to pay fees through their phones.


Class Dojo is a communication platform that is convenient for teachers to use. The teacher is able to easily create classes, distribute pre-made sign up letters, and download presentations to inform the classes and parents of the process. This app can be used from a phone, tablet, or computer, making it easy to access while being mobile. The behaviors are customizable, allowing teachers to modify them to their class’s needs. The reports give the parents a daily and weekly report, showing them how their child is doing each day and overall.

This collaborative app allows teachers to track and show progress for students, fostering a positive classroom environment. It lessens the load of teacher’s paperwork and gives parents the peace of mind, knowing their children are doing well or need improvement.


Talk Fusion Talks About Their Product Of The Year Award

Talk Fusion has done a lot for businesses by giving them a platform to stay connected with their contacts. The company has developed proprietary software for sending videos in email format as well as newsletters, videoconferencing tools and corporate meeting slideshows, video chat and signup forms. They added to the video email platform by developing a WebRTC recorder that allows users to create videos using a webcam and instantly embed them in an email file. This product won the Product of the Year award from the Technology Marketing Coporation, the second award they had received from the agency. CEO Bob Reina is excited about his company’s accomplishment and talks about plans to enhance the video chat experience even more in the future. Indeed Reina has a lot to be proud of as it’s become quite a disrupter in the marketing industry.


Bob Reina started Talk Fusion about 9 years ago after an idea he had formulated came to life. He had retired from the police force some years ago and was pursuing the multilevel marketing business niche, and while on a road trip he had taken some videos that he was unable to send as email attachments. He determined there had to be a way to send them in small email format, and after a lot of work was done he was able to build a program to do so. He ran with the idea and soon he started the company, Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion not only sells its video marketing products directly to customers, it also uses a multilevel marketing strategy that lets customers become associates and then resell the product suite to their own customers. Talk Fusion has rewards programs for associates who can meet monthly and annual poduct sales volumes ranging from simple extra gifts and jewelry all the way to rolex watches, luxury vacations and even brand new cars. Talk Fusion’s also given their customers a chance to try products before buying for as much as 30 days. The products can be signed up for and used without even needing a credit card.