Love Great Wine from Napa Valley? Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides Do Too!

If you haven’t been to Napa Valley, or if you’ve been there a dozen times, there are many things to do outside of simply visiting the vineyards. While the vineyards are by no doubt absolutely amazing, Napa Valley is one of the country’s most beautiful regions and there are many additional things to explore that you may want to take advantage of. At Traveling Vineyard, our Wine Guides have access to purchase Napa Valley’s best wines at any time they wish, so when visiting Napa Valley they often take advantage of everything to do and see outside of the vineyard scene.

For example, history buffs will love Napa Valley’s Historical Society. They can view and experience exactly how life was in Napa Valley 100 years ago. Art buffs can stroll to the Napa Valley Art walk and view art by local and regional artists in a live outdoor experience.

Those looking for a relaxing experience can visit the Calistoga Ranch for either fun in the indoors or outdoors. Their gorgeous outdoor vicinity has hot air balloon rides, yoga and hiking. The area also has a plethora of natural hot springs that guests are welcome to relax in and around. If the indoors is more your speed the Ranch’s Auberge Spa offers therapeutic massages and the latest and greatest in beauty treatments that use ingredients from the area’s hot springs and rich ingredients found in the natural soil.

If you want to experience Napa Valley in the comfort of your own home, Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides will host a free tasting for you and your guests. The group will gather for a tasting of Napa’s finest wines and your wine guide will go over the different flavors and pairing possibilities for each wine. After guests sip and savor the wines they will be able to buy as few or as many bottles as they would like from their Wine Guide. These bottles will be shipped to them to enjoy at their leisure.

The entire process is meant to be a fun experience and to make a memory with friends over the love of great wines!

Travelling Vineyard has been around since 2001 and it was started based off of a mutual love of wine. It isn’t a sales process, but instead invites wine lovers to gather in a fun setting, enjoy a lovely experience and then have access to Napa Valley’s finest wines.

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