Don Ressler Drives JustFab to Higher Levels of Success

Many people that begin their business always dream having a larger corporation operating on a global scale. However, many people often struggle with operating small businesses. Growing a business from a small startup to a mega company is not a small feat. Don Ressler of JustFab fashion clothing understands this. He has been able to grow JustFab in three years to become worth $1 billion. His strategy to success has been expanding his business to the global scale. He has undergone several challenges but has always come out successful.

Don Ressler worked with his partner Adam Goldenberg to create a business that goes beyond the United States. At the start, the two had different companies. Don Ressler operated while Adam Goldenberg assisted in the media running of Intermix Media. The two became partners when Don Ressler decided to sell his business to Intermix Media. The two met and had since become successful business partners. They started with a business under Intermix Media known as Alena. Alena grew quickly to become a million dollar business. However, Intermix Media acquired new owners that never paid keen attention to Alena. The company stopped making huge profits on Pando. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to go out and start their own business. They started with Intelligent Beauty and later formed JustFab.

JustFab has grown to become a modern shopping destination for shopping enthusiasts. Don Ressler assisted in the creation of a subscription retail model of business on LinkedIn. One can become a VIP member and receive attractive perks and amazing deals. The concept by the company is based on personalized shopping. A member indicates their fashion tastes and the firm makes the most relevant suggestions. JustFab has everything for everyone. You can find on the fashion line clothing items such as denim, shoes, and handbags. You can find fashionable accessories like jewelry that are highly trendy.

Even though several aspects go into fashion, one of the important aspects is a big picture. Don Ressler understands this and is always trying to be creative with the clothing items on Brandettes. JustFab has become highly successful because it focuses on creativity and innovation with their clothing items. The clothing item has created a personal shopping experience. Customers can easily find what they want to purchase. JustFab is a highly unique fashion retailer. The company focuses on customer needs and ensures that they are satisfied entirely. The firm has sought to provide all-inclusive products at Anyone of any body type, size and shape can find fashionable wear at JustFab.

Samsung Confirms Tidal Deal As Desiree Perez Intervenes To Make It A Success


The talks between Samsung and popular rapper Jay Z concerning Tidal had been halted for some time but the company recently confirmed they are again at the negotiating table. Several sources revealed to Claire Atkinson, a New York Post correspondent, that the deal is expected to be sealed in the shortest period possible since Samsung wants to develop a relationship with the holding company in the process of making their brand better.


Samsung, based in South Korea, joined hands with Jay Z during the launch of the Magna Cartas Holy Grail, which was a high profile event that also featured Rihanna from Roc Nation a month ago.


Other news speculate that Samsung is likely to have offered Kanye West a check for participating in the coveted The Life of Pablo, cites HITS insider I.B. Bad. He states that Samsung is re-engaging and there are big plans underway but the information about their next move has not been shared yet. They have quite well managed to seal all leaks that could make their intentions known since the final product is meant to appear as a surprise that can serve the intentions the company has about the business.


It is also said that Tidal has been hemorrhaging up to $10 million annually in red ink and the fact Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye are no longer around has made the platform to lose the pace at which it was generating new subscribers that could sustain the business. Everything that happens in the steps to follow will be under the keen watch of Desiree Perez, Jay Z’s woman and she will be a major part of the deal while making the negotiations.


Additionally, other companies like Spotify and Google have shown interest in acquiring Tidal and they believe the company can be revived to become one of the most profitable premium service companies in the music industry.


About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the person behind the successful management and formation of the Tidal application and her presence in the company is a vital addition to its progress. She is known for her strong skills at negotiating and her history of street rap places her at a perfect position to manage Tidal.


JustFab’s Don Ressler’s Big Success

Don Ressler has seen a great deal of success as a direct result of his brand, JustFab. The brand is also a part of Fabletics and something that makes getting clothing easier for women. The custom outfits and accessories are designed with the specific woman in mind and are intended to be a perfect fit.

Before the beginning of JustFab, Don Ressler worked as a successful startup investor. He had worked with many different companies and he was able to make a lot of money from these companies. When he was doing this, he was able to bring in big money. He sold off some of his companies and decided to move to the back seat on some of the others so that he could become more focused on JustFab and the way that it functioned. Ressler also hoped to expand the JustFab brand to more areas.

When he was just starting out with the JustFab brand on Brandettes, he teamed up with another mega mogul who was just 19 at the time. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler worked together well. They were both dedicated and both extremely successful. They combined their vast knowledge and their huge network of contacts together to form what could eventually become one of the biggest and best online retailers. They knew that this would give them the opportunity and the success that they sought even though they had both already been very successful on their own with their own startups and companies.

After JustFab did so well, the company decided to expand. They made the choice to open up an athletic-wear shop on the site called Fabletics. This portion of the brand focuses more on athletic wear than accessories. They also have a section dedicated solely to shoes: ShoeDazzle is yet another division of JustFab. The two work together to constantly improve this online retail brand on and to ensure that it does better than all the rest. It was the first and remains at the top of the list today because of the way that it functions and the huge following of women that it has gained over time.

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