Trabuco: The Powerful Ancient Weapon That Served The Purpose Of Today’s Guns

Long before guns and other sophisticated weaponry were developed, the early man had ways of making home-made weapons that almost served the same purposes that today weapons serve. Some of these traditional weapons include the Trabuco, a unique and improved version of a catapult. Even though the weapon was first launched in China, it was widely used in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, as a tool of shooting projectiles more like a shotgun.

A Brief History of Trabuco

Trabuco was a highly useful tool during ancient wars. As early as in 400 BC, the Chinese were using the weapon to advance their warfare with their enemies; maybe this is the reason why the Trabuco is employed in ancient Chinese movies. The Europeans came to embrace the weapon a century after it was invented, with history books capturing 600 AD as the year the first Trabuco was used in a warfare involving the Europeans.

Besides Brazilians and Chinese, the Muslims and Christians living in the countries within the Mediterranean region were using Trabuco in inter-religious war on History records that the weapon had the power to launch weights of up to that of an adult human being. In fact, it is said that people with incurable contagious diseases could be thrown into enemies’ camps using a Trabuco in the hope that they would infect the enemies and probably weaken their soldiers. With a little modification, the Trabuco could lift up to a weight of two human adults and project it at high speed for a horizontal distance of over 800 meters.

The Traction and the Balancing Trabuco

Initially, people were using the Traction Trabuco before it was improved to the Balancing Trabuco. The former was inferior to the later in terms of the horizontal projectile they made according to However, the Traction Trabuco was working at a higher rate than the Balancing Trabuco since it had a smaller extension and a few number of ropes. Secondly, the Traction Trabuco was portable and easy to operate; a single strong man would operate the weapon by himself.

As for the Balancing Trabuco, on the other hand, the weapon was bulky and difficult to operate on It required more than 50 strong men to carry it and at least 15 men to operate it. The advantage of it was that it would throw heavy bodies for long distances.

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