End Citizens United Fights Rick Scott by Filing a Complaint to the FEC

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization, taking in, on average, less than 20 dollars per member. Their goal is to bring the voting power back to the common people. After a Supreme Court decision made it possible for corporations to purchase elections, End Citizens United decided to work to have the decision overturned.

End Citizens United pursues their goals by support Democratic candidates that do not accept corporate PAC money. PACs are organizations that act independently from campaigns they support. Politicians that accept PAC money are not allowed, by law, to communicate and organize with PACs.

According to End Citizens United, and multiple other sources, that is exactly what Rick Scott, current candidate for U.S. Senate is doing: he is working with New Republican, a PAC that is supporting his Senate run.

In fact, End Citizen United has filed a formal complaint on Rick Scott to the Federal Election Commission. Their claim is supported by evidence. Jenny Drucker, a fundraiser who works for both New Republican and Rick Scott’s campaign is a prime example of evidence that Rick Scott is in communication with New Republican.

Rick Scott used to work for New Republican too. In fact, he held a high position in the organization: he was the chair for the company. During Rick Scott’s time with New Republican, they focused on supporting Donald Trump and his re-election campaign efforts.

Rick Scott has been in legal trouble before. Scott was formally the CEO of Columbia/HCA, and in 1997, he and his company were accused of Medicare fraud. Scott refused to answer questions in court concerning the charges, pleading the fifth amendment. After it was determined that Columbia/HCA should pay $1.7 billion dollars in fine, Rick Scott resigned from the company.

End Citizens United has seen lots of success so far in 2018. Most special elections have went to Democratic candidates that are supported by the organization. They are supporting a variety of candidates going into November’s mid-term elections. Beto’ O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and Bob Casey are just a few of the politicians supported by them.

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Political And Economic Concerns Drive The Work Of End Citizens United

At one point in the early years of the Presidency of Barrack Obama it appeared as though the Republican Party was about to break up under the weight of the many faultlines which had appeared over the course of the Bush Presidency only for the GOP to return to power in the nation’s capital like a phoenix rising from the flames. Part of the success the Republican Party has been enjoying during the current decade can be laid firmly at the feet of the Supreme Court which made the decision to reverse a federal ruling regarding the Citizens United decision in 2010.

The End Citizens United PAC was created in 2015 to ensure the problems created by the Citizens United decision remained high on the list of the American public in the coming years; in a bid to make sure the decision was reversed, End Citizens United worked with the campaign funding reform-friendly Democrats during the 2016 Presidential election and in the buildup to the 2018 Midterms to create a brighter future for the American public in the face of more funding arriving for Republicans from special interest groups.

Just why does End Citizens United believe the U.S. political system has been broken by the Citizens United decision? This is a common question and to answer it one simply needs to look at the economic success being enjoyed by some of the wealthiest people in the U.S. who have close ties to the Republican wing of politics. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos married one of the leaders of the AmWay Group and has been building her success in terms of her role in the U.S. public school system since the arrival of the Citizens United decision in U.S. politics.

Aligning themselves with members of the Democratic Party has become a major part of the story of End Citizens United as Tiffany Muller created a pledge explaining the needs of the traditional PAC to remain consistent with no special interest funding allowed for those associated with End Citizens United. In 2016, as the U.S. Presidential elections approached only three Democrats signed the agreement. The changing tide of support for End Citizens United has resulted in more than 70 Democrats already in office or challenging for a seat in the 2018 Midterms signing the pledge and refusing the assistance of dark money groups.

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End Citizens United Continues The Fight To Reform Campaign Financing

End Citizens United was created due to the Supreme Court decision of 2010. Every generation there are a few court cases that change the political ground. These rulings are always controversial with consequences and ramifications that change the political culture of America. One of these cases may very well be Citizens United. The decision was controversial, sparked political pushback and had a profound effect regarding politics.

The case began in 2008 when Citizens United attacked Hillary Clinton on film during the primaries for the Democratic Presidential. The FEC or the Federal Election Commission decided the movie was a ninety minute campaign ad. Citizens United refused to reveal who was responsible for the film. Citizens United attempted to have the FEC decision reversed and lost. Two years later the ruling of the federal court was overturned by the Supreme Court. The right guaranteeing free speech for individuals was extended to corporations. Governments were no longer able to put limitations on how much can be spent to influence an election by corporations.

The foreign interests of numerous United States corporations and the massive amount of money flooding the election system were ignored. The campaign contribution made by corporations were mainly anonymous and nearly unlimited. Television and radio ads decreased because the responsibility for financing was not being taken by the donors. The Republican party had an advantage due to Citizens United because this is where the ties to the nation’s wealthiest individuals existed.

The reaction caused by the ruling was heated and continual. The activists and open government organizations sided with the Democrats to overturn Citizens United. Polls revealed most Americans wanted limits on the amount PAC’s are able to spend for elections. It was officially on March 1st of 2015 End Citizens United joined the fight. Their goal is to overturn the ruling favoring Citizens United. They use grassroots funding to balance the massive funding unleashed by Citizens United. This funding is used to support Democratic candidates in favor of ending the decision of the Supreme Court.

End Citizens United seeks to stop the way politics are being influenced by corporate money. They are looking for campaign finance reform. They also want the rights regarding free speech to be defined for individual citizens and not corporations. Their main focus is directed at campaign finances laws with shorter terms. This is being accomplished by supporting candidates with a strong interest in changing the finance laws for campaigns and making the effort to end Citizens United.

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End Citizens United: Restoring Sanity in Political Campaign Spending

The End Citizens United, formed in 2015, is a political action committee (PAC) whose ultimate goal is to push for reforms in campaign financing system in America. The Supreme Court decision in 2010 popularly known as Citizens United, led to its formation. According to the group, the decision allowed for massive financing and influence by billionaires and special interests in America’s elections thus affecting credibility. The PAC is currently pushing for constitutional amendments to overturn the Citizens United.

One of its main strategies included supporting candidates deemed as pro-campaign finance reform candidates, state ballot measures in the states, and promoting the discourse in the national platform. The group openly supported Democratic candidates running for House and Senate seats across the United States of America. The goodwill from top Democrat leadership in the campaign against the Citizens United led to the public support of their candidate by the group. Its support mainly took the form of financing television ads, polling, and direct mailers. In fact, it partnered with “Ready for Hillary” in the run-up to the general elections. The End Citizens United did not support Republican and Independent candidates even though some had openly endorsed the reforms. The group cited the lack of support from the Republican leadership in Congress as the main reason for not backing these candidates.

The group comprises of veteran Democratic operatives to help in publicizing its mission. It has an elaborate network of grassroots actors who contribute both financial and technical support. The group boasts of a diverse support as over 325,000 people had signed the petition less than one year after its formation. The numbers indeed increased after partnering with the Democrats as well as other interested groups. The group places its membership at about 3,300,000 people. The political action committee estimates to have approximately 40,000 members in the Atlanta metropolitan area while Georgia has over 70,000.

Besides grassroots support, the group has received substantial financial support from small donors. The funds have facilitated its activities over the period of its existence.

In its formative years, the group is estimated to have received 136,000 donations with an average donation of $14.86. The numbers have significantly changed with the PAC currently boosting of about 360,000 donors and 2,500,000 contributions. It is estimated to have raised $35 Million. The PAC’s grassroots funding system underpins its principles in political activities’ financing. The group operates transparently and openly as it discloses financial position to its members and the general public. In essence, it believes in transparent political spending and regularly submits its financial files and documents to the Federal Elections Commission. The PAC has recorded some level of success and remains committed to restoring sanity political campaign financial spending.

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