The Philanthropy Of George Soros Moves Into North America

The major liberal political donor, George Soros, has spent much of his life and career in the U.S. developing his own hedge fund that has broken records across many different sectors of the financial markets. Despite the success achieved by George Soros under the capitalist system of the U.S. he has remained best known for his role as a leading donor to the Democratic Party and its candidates for President in the U.S. over the course of the 21st-century; Soros himself is not a man who feels his reputation as a major political donor is fair, in fact, the Hungarian born U.S. citizen sat out the majority of the 2008 and 2012 election cycles, according to Politico after feeling the Administration of President Barrack Obama had failed to live up to the liberal agenda that had been promised. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

The early life of George Soros saw the arrival of the hedge fund expert on the international stage of Wall Street in the middle of the 1950s when he had completed a refugee journey to escape Communist Hungary and completed his financial education in London. Even after becoming a major financial success the future of George Soros seemed to place him at the heart of the philanthropic world with a move towards a better way of living one’s life with a move towards a better way of living for the majority of people across the world who were stranded in closed societies. George Soros set out to develop a better world under the influence of the open society theory he was exposed to as a student at the London School of Economics following the completion of his refugee journey in 1947.

The Washington Times reports George Soros moved the work of his Open Society Foundations from focusing on Eastern Europe to become a major power across the world with philanthropic options open to him in portions of North American and Western Europe. Over the course of his life and career over the last two decades, George Soros has spent a major portion of the personal fortune he has worked hard for to create a better world for minority groups in the U.S.; Soros has become a major part of the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement and “Hands Up Coalition” not for profit groups financially backed by Soros have had a major hand in developing. One of the moments in recent U.S. history George Soros can be seen to have had a major impact on are the Ferguson protests largely organized by protest and community organizing groups George Soros funds to the tune of almost $33 million per year. Visit this site to know more at

George Soros on Donald Trump – and How Putin Meddled With the US Elections

“Donald Trump is an imposter, con man, and a would-be dictator.” Billionaire George Soros said. Adding, “He [Trump] stands for that other form of government, which is the opposite of an open society; better described as a dictatorship or a mafia state.”

He is a disenchanted man since Donald Trump’s election as 45th President of the US. At number 27 on Forbes list of richest people on earth, Soros’ net worth stands at $24.9 billion.

Although Soros Fund Management on Biography is said to have gained 5% over 2016, according to The Wall Street Journal, Soros spent about $1 billion in last year’s US election campaigns. Throwing his weight behind Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid, Soros contributed huge chunks of money to the Democratic campaign team and placed bets against Trump’s election on Snopes.

How Putin Meddled With US Elections

He disputes Trump having won fair and square – with a landslide. Soros sees Putin’s hand all over in Trump’s election. He believes Putin helped him secure the top seat; by exploiting social media companies’ business model on to spread misinformation and fake news. He says Putin also played a part in confusing electorates and destabilizing democracy.

Holocaust Survivor

George Soros is a Hungarian-American is a Holocaust survivor who was discriminated as a child by Nazis; for being Jew. He was 13 when Hungary was under Nazi Germany occupation in 1944. He believes he only survived because his father arranged false identities and got them out of Hungary. For this reason, issues of segregation resonate with him.

Trump’s Affinity for Dictators

He fears, the US will soon be overwhelmed with internal struggles, and minorities will suffer. With Trump’s seemingly gravitating towards dictators, the US will not be in a position to protect and promote democracy on Politico around the world. He foresees Trump preferring to cut deals at the expense of principles and integrity.

Trump Does Not Have a Plan

As far as Soros’ is concerned, Trump was not in the race to win. He lacks clear goals for his term in office, his ideas are self-contradictory and he will therefore fail. He also predicts a Trump failure in the financial market. To Soros, he only seems to be preparing for a trade war.

Speaking to Business Insider, Soros said, “It’s impossible to predict exactly how Trump is going to act because he hasn’t actually thought it through.”

He laments, “He didn’t expect to win. … He was engaged in building his brand.”

Soros is unsure of how the business community should deal with Trump, but his resolve is to “keep as far away from it as I can.”

Fight against Hate Crimes

However, moved by the plight of thousands of immigrants and minorities, George Soros pledged $10 million from his personal foundation to fight the hate crimes that he links to Trump’s stereotype rhetoric during his campaign.

The progressive essence of Thor Halvorssen

Halvorssen is a community asset; he speaks at length of human rights in various lectures as president and founder of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, pushes for positive community change through his political activism through social media, and perhaps most socially permeating of all, is an active producer of film that largely has striking social commentary.

It can be seen that Thor Halvorssen is someone who values people and their rights. The Human Rights foundation he founded has consistently fought for the rights of people to have self-determination and expression, be they from China, Latin America or anywhere else. Halvorssen has personally pushed for the release of political prisoners from various countries, as well as fought against the political ideologies that allow for these abuses to happen, from wherever they fall along the political spectrum.

Following this trend of celebration of human rights, and a relentless assault on those who would abuse them, Halvorssen is an active producer of various films that comment on the dangers that arise when society allows for tyrants of all shapes to gain power. From the documenting of suffering of migrant farm workers under the sugar barons, to future dystopian governments, Halvorssen has produced many a film with piercing commentary on the way people suffer under tyranny.

Halvorssen says it best himself: “Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression is indispensable to a free and, in the deepest sense, progressive society. Deny it to one, and you deny it effectively to all.” In this sense, it seems prudent to describe Halvorssen as a champion of human rights, and in that, a progressive in the truest form.

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