Andrea McWilliams: Trusted Political Fundraiser

Andrea McWilliams is a political fundraiser and lobbyist. She is known for her grace, patience, persuasive personality, and skills at being a strategist. She works in both the private and public sectors, being featured on national media networks like Newsweek, CNN, NPC, BBC, FOX News, and USA Today. She has been profiled in many Texas publications for her role as a national political commentator, having been distinguished as “consigliore to the powerful and political” by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

She has won the 2016 Texas Businesswomen of the Year Finalist award and the “Profiles in Power” award given by the Austin Business Journal. Andrea McWilliams has also been given the “Woman of Distinction” award by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas and the “Austin Under 40” award. She has even received the Austin Fashion Week’s “Style Setter” award for her dedication to working for local nonprofit organizations.

Andrea McWilliams became a Chief of Staff at just 21. She moved on to work at the public relations company Public Strategies, Inc. to hone her private sector skills. She co-founded McWilliams, alongside her husband Dean. McWilliams is a full-service firm of governmental affairs consultants. Andrea McWilliams and her husband Dean combined their talents to form a firm that has been trust on local, state, and national levels.

McWilliams was raised just steps away from the Texas Capitol, where she and her husband currently live. She has always been invested in the community, having served on the boards of many organizations like HeartGift, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, and Austin Children in Crisis. She has been named to the “All-Stars” list for Austin American Statesman Fortunate 500. Andrea McWilliams was also once the President of an organization that works to preserve Austin’s past, Inherit Austin. Andrea McWilliams has been a representative for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer.