Making Sense Of Writing Political Campaign Emails With NGP VAN

Although there are countless different types of writing, the three main purposes of writing are to inform, persuade, and entertain. Prior to writing any document, one must determine what purpose such writing is for.

Let’s not play any guessing games from here on out; the purpose of a political advocacy email is to persuade readers to get up out of their figurative chairs and take action. In most cases, such letters are written to gain votes for whichever candidate you’re campaigning for – or maybe you’re that candidate yourself!

Fine-tuning the main idea of a persuasive message made easy

In short, you’ll either be asking recipients to vote for a candidate, help volunteer for an upcoming or ongoing campaign, or change their mind about a topic. Determine which one of these three messages you wish to convey to your constituents, write the letter, and be careful not to mix more than one main idea or message together.

You must remember that politicians must write for very broad audiences. As such, the contents of letters sent out to targeted mail recipients should be easy to understand and contain no excessively long words or passages, phrases, or paragraphs that are difficult to read, write, pronounce, or otherwise digest.

Here are a few more tips that every political campaign manager should constantly keep in mind and employ consistently across reaching out to everyone you possibly can.

With your persuasive message, briefly explain a problem at the beginning of your letter to better capture readers’ attention

When explaining the aforementioned problem don’t be hesitant to write about how to actually solve that problem you’ll outline in the first one or two sentences of the political-themed letter you’re writing to constituents.

Don’t forget to inlcude a powerful call to action down below

Inform the recipient of how he or she will feel better or benefit from whatever solution you’re proposing. Seriously consider using ethos, or strong emotional appeal, in the latter half of your letter so as to reel the recipient in hook-and-sinker.

NGP VAN can help you write away

NGP VAN is a voter activation network that works with the hottest progressive – both independent and Democrat – campaigns around the nation. NGP VAN, or Voter Activation Network, Inc., was created in 2001 and its name was changed to NGP VAN, Inc., as we understand it today, by January 2011.

NGP VAN Streamlines Political Canvassing with NGP MiniVAN

Recent Research on Canvassing

With tons of paper, hours of data entry ahead and the requirement of accountability, a political campaign manager traditionally looked at canvassing as a labor-intensive part of campaigning for their political candidate; furthermore, it sets a wrong tone at the beginning of the campaign trail. In short, with campaign dollars being squeezed on every activity needing funding it is not a surprise that canvassing may even be cut back and those additional voters may never have the chance to hear about another political candidate for their vote. The Good News is NGP VAN, the leader in providing technology for political campaigns, from President Obama to thousands of others seeking to promote their cause. NGP VAN has had twenty years of success in all 50 states.

Traditionally, Canvassing has shown good results and has a long history in political campaign activities leading up to elections. Canvassing used to be associated with non-profit efforts and goes back to the early 1970s, but since the 1990s has been more aggressively used for political agendas.

Two professors from UC Berkely and Stanford, David Broockman and Joshua Kalla, have shown in their studies and polls that canvassing only results in about 1 in every 800 persons being likely to change to another party. These results by David Broockman and Joshua Kalla also found that these results were based on potential voters being approached within two months before an election. Though it seems to be a lot of work for a small effect the good news is the method of canvassing has dramatically changed.

Canvassing with NGP VAN MiniVAN

NGP VAN has recently made the MiniVAN app available for free from their website, which allows canvassers, either on staff on volunteers, to create a unique ID associated with their campaign. Once a canvasser is registered with NGP VAN they can access a pre-scripted list of voters or one they upload to the NGP VAN server. NGP VAN makes canvassing more accountable since data received is immediately updated on the NGP VAN website and made accessible to the associated campaign coordinators. NGP VAN offers their NGP MiniVAN for free and is available for Android and IOS devices.

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