The Chainsmokers bring unique message with ‘Sick Boy’

American DJ group The Chainsmokers brought forth new music in early 2018 with the release of “Sick Boy.” The latest song achieved top 10 success on the Billboard charts in Norway and Sweden. In addition, it reached gold and platinum accreditation via ARIA, showing that these talented music makers are here to stay. The song was considered a dark departure from previous music from the duo, featuring a message they felt needed to be express.

The DJ duo consists of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart who have now been producing music for over two years. Their hits have included the Grammy-winning track “Don’t Let Me Down” by Darya and “Closer” with Halsey, as well as the song “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay. While those songs are generally upbeat in nature, the group’s new song “Sick Boy” is considered darker than what The Chainsmokers have put out before.

During an interview with Forbes, Taggart mentioned that the song is basically a reflection of what they go through as artists and what people go through in this new generation. He said they generally become caricatures of what people think they are based on what has been said about them. Taggart said that he and Pall needed to express the anger and frustration they felt over this, which led to the creation of “Sick Boy.”

He also brought up the notion of the current generation that is growing up relying on social media such as Instagram. Taggart said he is hoping that maybe people will connect with the ideas they’re expressing in their new songs regarding the effects that being attached to social media can have. That includes being overly concerned with clicking “Like” or reacting to posts and checking how popular one is on a social media platform. The group seems to have the hope that their message will spread and get individuals to recognize how they really relate to the world around them.

While The Chainsmokers are relatively young in the music world, they have achieved massive success in just two years. That trend seems as if it will continue as they continue to experiment with new themes and collaborate with more artists. The group released three songs after “Sick Boy” including “Everybody Hates Me” and “Somebody” featuring Drew Love. It looks like the American DJ group will continue speaking their unique messages through their music as fans consume their latest creations.

Desiree Perez Influences Tidal Services

Since Desiree Perez was introduced to work with Tidal, there have been significant developments. Tidal had become to dwindle, but at the moment it has regained its stability. Desiree Perez is a great person who has a lot of influence in what he does. Jay-Z had invested a lot in the company, and he could not watch the company go down because of management issues. Since he made a decision to hire Desiree Perez, the company is now riding to the path of success. It is now clear that the corporation cannot collapse and it is achieving competitive advantage over the other firms.


Many would wonder why Desiree is suitable for that position and why she is that ready to ensure that Tidal Succeeds in its undertakings. Many qualities make the lady be able to achieve in the management of music streaming company. First, is being passionate about what she does. She is passionate about music and nurturing young talents. Now Tidal offers high royalties to the musicians who are signed to the company. Having a strong convincing power is also crucial in the business. It is because many deals are involved, and one has to be firm concerning making of decisions. That is what made Jay-Z hire her for the position, and it is working.


Tidal has invested a lot in paying their artists significant royalties. There is a need for any company to make profits and Tidal is now on the way to making great profits and signing crucial contracts. Desiree Perez is doing everything to help Jay-Z come out strong with his company. As of now, the firm is on its way to success because of good leadership. Desiree has the leadership quality that needs to take the company to become the best in the world.