Kamil Idris: Promoting the World Intellectual Property Day

Kamil Idris is one of the proponents of the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day. This event has been growing in popularity these past few days, and more people are joining the celebration. The event was launched by Kamil Idris eight years back, and the organization managed to get the support of many governments. The annual celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated by the ex-director general’s Facebook page, is dated on April 26 of every year, and Kamil Idris is inviting everyone to join the event. Intellectual property is defined as any work that has an original owner which has patented or copyrighted his or her creation. Copyright infringement is one of the most serious problems faced by creators today, and Kamil Idris would like to stop the culture of piracy, especially among the internet users where the practices are prevalent.

For those who create intellectual properties, they are stating that piracy hits them hard, and it is tough to run after the pirates because they came from different countries. They need the assistance from the international police to solve each case with regards to copyright infringement. Kamil Idris is urging the countries around the world to work together and protect the intellectual properties of their citizens because, in the end, it is them who would end up benefiting from the works of their people. However, what Kamil Idris is dreaming of is far from what is happening in real life.

Many governments around the world are lax when it comes to laws about piracy. Some governments have made laws against piracy, but they do not uphold the law, resulting in the thriving businesses involving illegal copies of intellectual properties. Kamil Idris is appealing to all governments around the world to do their best in curbing the illegal industry of piracy. Another angle that Kamil Idris is looking at would be the advancement of technology used for communicating. He stated that it played a major role in the piracy of intellectual properties that are being shared online. He appealed to those who are doing these illegal activities to stop because they are not helping the global entertainment industry.

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