Why The ClassDojo App Deserves a Gold Star Rating From Educators

Technology is helping shape up different things and one of the areas that have benefitted immensely from recent innovations is education. Edtech startups had an impressive year 2017 as more schools woke up to the reality that technology is something that should be integrated in the running of schools to make the learning process better than ever before. One of the companies that have championed changes in this area is ClassDojo, which is seeking to make the classroom experience more fun and interactive than ever before. ClassDojo is an application that serves as a communication platform on which educators and students can connect with parents to jointly drive the learning process.

It has helped to create a community in which students are now able to express their needs with more clarity, and their parents as well as teachers can offer their input to keep the students on track. ClassDojo identified a problem where communication between teachers, parents and students was confined to end-of-term meetings, which was something not effective enough to streamline the learning process. The company, through their app, has made this communication real-time to allow continuous input from all the parties involved. Its adoption rate has grown to 90 percent with at least 2 in 3 K-8 schools across the U.S. using the platform.

Revolutionary technology

The technology used on the ClassDojo app takes app design and implementation to a new level as users are given priority to explore different features. Teachers who have tried it have recorded massive growth in performance as students are able to now come out and speak up for their issues to be tackled by both teachers and their parents. Although competition is fierce in the edtech market, ClassDojo has done an exemplary job reaching different schools and proving to answer the questions most educators have always wanted to address for many years.

It’s a tool for empowerment that creates a positive culture in classrooms. Additionally, the app is free and only few premium features will be charged, so this is a great opportunity to help enhance the learning process especially among young kids who require support from both parents and teachers.