How Betsy DeVos Has Helped to Improve the Quality of Education

For many years, parents in the United States have been forced to choose schools for their children based solely on their homes’ ZIP codes. However, the introduction and expansion of charter schools and educational choices have left parents with broader options on where to send their kids. One person who has worked tirelessly to ensure successful implementation of these programs is Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the current Education Secretary in the USA. She has advanced the need to provide parents with more options and freedom when educating their children. According to Mrs. DeVos, it is the only way that equity can be enhanced within the education system in the country.

As an active politician, Betsy DeVos held a political party position and also mobilized politicians in Michigan to support her reform agenda with the aim of improving the quality of education. Today, many students are able to attend schools of their choice, where they are assured better education. She has been involved directly with establishing and heading several charitable organizations with the aim of funding educational programs in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition, Betsy has led PACs that sponsor election of reform oriented candidates to the Congress. Through a number of initiatives she led, the educational choice movement has spread to 25 states.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos has worked very hard to eliminate the perception many people had that ZIP code or the income of a family do not determine the quality of education a student would receive. It was expected that Betsy would push the agenda of having states and localities control the education sector. As such, parents would have greater say when choosing appropriate educational settings for their children. It would be the right way of ensuring students are on the right path to achieving successful careers in their life. Through the support of her husband, Dick DeVos, they have donated millions of dollars to sponsorship programs as well as funding various organizations advancing the need for quality education. The couple donates their funds through Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

Betsy’s Personal Biography

Betsy DeVos’ mum was a school teacher and she played a critical role of developing her (Betsy) interest in education from an early age. Furthermore, while Betsy was growing up, many leaders in her home town were involved in the development of various projects to increase opportunities for students to access world-class education. It also offered parents more options of selecting the right schools to send their kids. For over a decade, Mrs. DeVos assisted students, parents and tutors through mentorship programs in Grand Rapids. She mainly helped at-risk students learning in public schools. Betsy received her BA degree from Calvin College. She is married to a politician, businessman and philanthropist Dick DeVos.

Andrew Rolfe Assist in South Africa

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu education fund which is a non-profit community health, social welfare and education organization. He has proudly worked with the Ubuntu Education Fund for over 10 years and shows no signs of leaving. His passion and determination helps him in continuing to work to grow the foundation and continues to assist children and their families. Rolfe helps to support Ubuntu’s mission to assist in raising Port Elizabeth’s orphan’s and vulnerable children by giving them everything children deserve. After the Ubuntu foundation was created they figured out that just because a child in Africa is given a notebook, pen and paper, doesn’t mean they are going to be able to focus on school. The foundation discovered that most children were distracted by what is going on at home, hunger or HIV/AIDS. Andrew Rolfe oversees the model put in place by the Ubuntu Foundation to help increase the success of the children in life. The foundation primarily works in South Africa and has become one of the faces of the community. Rolfe helps the foundation provide households with stability, health and education services and services around 400,000 people in South Africa. The Ubuntu foundation resides in the towns of Zwide and Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Before becoming the chairman of the Ubuntu Foundation, Andrew Rolfe spent a lot of his time in the business world. He worked with a lot of big time companies like GAP, TowerBrook, and others. He is also a chairman of the Portfolio Committee and a member of the Management Committee. He has developed skills along the way that have assisted him in becoming the man he is. Rolfe is known for his knowledge of private equity, investments and business strategy and planning. He also has knowledge in the financial industry like corporate finance, leveraged finance and financial modeling. Before entering the work force, Andrew Rolfe attended multiple colleges like Eton College and Saint Andrews College but ultimately graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor’s of Arts in 1988. In 1992, Rolfe graduated with his MBA from Harvard Business School in Managerial Economics.