Sentient AI Providing Artificial Intelligence Technology That Enhances E-Commerce Customer Experience

The technology is moving ahead at a rapid pace, and many new technologies are replacing the old ones. Moreover, the advanced technologies that are being developed today are replacing manual labor and improving efficiency and productivity on a massive scale. The world of retail is also witnessing a massive surge in the use of technology as it helps in understanding the needs of clients better and providing them with the shopping experience that wasn’t possible a few years earlier. The way people shop has changed drastically in the last decade or so, especially after the online and e-commerce revolution.


As the e-commerce platform continues to get more and more competitive, the e-commerce companies are trying new ways to stay ahead of the competition. And, one of the most popular technologies that these companies are using to their advantage is the AI technology. There is a massive progress happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence, and it has reached to the point that it can now sufficiently contribute functionally to the many causes of the e-commerce world, one of the crucial one being enhancing the e-commerce customer experience.


The artificial intelligence technology of which Sentient AI is the most prominent developer of would help in identifying the shopping patterns of the customers and help with defining micro-segments, which is not possible to recognize or analyze manually. It would help carving the marketing strategy accordingly and ensuring that the customers’ specific requirements are met entirely. One of the most visible uses of artificial intelligence these days is providing the e-commerce customers with the recommendations that match their profile, recent search, and lifestyle choices that are highlighted through their browsing and social media background and history.


The e-commerce customer experience is greatly enhanced when the customers are given a recommendation based on what they like and prefer rather than just showcasing expensive products that are far from what they would prefer, which basically can put off the customers. People buy just about everything online these days, which has made the e-commerce spectrum much more extensive today than a few years back. In this regard, people also buy food, groceries, and other replenishable items online as well. Artificial Intelligence platform provided by the reputed AI Company, Sentient AI, can help predict approximately when the customer would be out of these items. It helps the portal to remind the customer to repurchase the product, and it has apparently proven to increase the sales considerably.